Native activists urge name change for Kansas City Chiefs | USA TODAY

Ahead of the Super Bowl, Native activists are urging the Kansas City team to retire their name due to cultural appropriation and stereotypes.

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When the Kansas City Chiefs take the field against the Philadelphia Eagles on Super Bowl Sunday, they will sport white uniforms with a distinctive logo: an arrowhead with the initials KC emblazoned on the surface.

And greeting them among thousands of football fans: Native activists who have been urging the team to retire the name "Chiefs," the arrowhead and the rest of an accumulated 60-plus years of cultural appropriation and stereotyping.

The Chiefs have, over the years, dumped what activists say were the worst of its motifs – as they banned fake headdresses and Native-themed warpaint from fan faces and initiated a working group of local Native people to advise them.

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  1. Chief comes from the French term chef, which originates from the Latin word caput. I don’t think there were any French Native Americans!

  2. No. Just no. Enough of this crap. These teams are naming themselves in honor. You think they name themselves something they hate?

  3. Wow…. Native American gave permission for the name…. It was all done in respect. But change it to the Show Me State Chief’s ! Go Kansas City!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  4. Fantastic news. Let’s get the Eagles to change their name too. How about the “Philadelphia Pink Nonbinary Lesbian Unicorns?” 🌈🦄

    1. Remember that the next time you complain about your culture not being respected when someone protests during the national anthem.

  5. I’m from Kansas City and I agree with her. Who are you or I to determine what is and what is not demeaning to them? I know the team is actually named after the former mayor, but the imagery surrounding the franchise lends opens the team up to criticism.

  6. As a Native American and a proud chiefs fan I personally don’t mind them using the name. Because the name and symbol represents indigenous people. I’m glad we are being recognized and respected through one of the most popular sports show in the US.!!!!! GOOOOO CHIEFS!!!!!!

  7. My opinion is the use of name Chief is a proud depiction of our native Americans. Please explain to how you are being mistreated by the using the name Chief the leader the person with one puts all their hopes in. There is nothing derogatory about being called Chief. People take that to far wearing all the the native dress and such. The team has dropped all references to Native American dress and such. So please be proud a Chief leader be them Black White Native or whatever. You call the president commander in chief. Is there a difference?

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