Navigating Misinformation at the Border

How has technology reshaped the migrant journey? When the Trump-era immigration policy called Title 42 expired, misinformation proliferated on social media platforms that migrants use to communicate and to navigate their way to the U.S. Audie talks with CNN's Rosa Flores about the reality on the ground, and how migrants are navigating sometimes conflicting and confusing messaging. 

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  1. Fox News Just decided they will air Trump’s next Rally because CNN’s ratings were so high when Trump was on!

  2. When you choose your POCs. You lean heavily into one communtiy. Equal POC representation please. Thank you

  3. The law is the law. If you do not like the law there are mechanisms to change the law. ICE needs to use the same social media outlets to inform these people the truth as to what will await them and the consequences of trying to cross illegally. It does not matter what nationality is trying to enter illegally, they are all illegal.

  4. How about millions of homeless and veterans that need accommodation? How about millions of people that can’t afford new smart phones?

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