NBCUniversal Offers NDA Releases Over Harassment Claim Concerns | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

NBCUniversal Offers NDA Releases Over Harassment Claim Concerns | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 1


Rachel Maddow looks at the reporting that went into the Harvey Weinstein story and other stories that formed the basis of the MeToo movement, and the conflicting accounts of Ronan Farrow and NBC News about what kept Farrow's reporting from being published by NBC News. Aired on 10/25/19.
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NBCUniversal Offers NDA Releases Over Harassment Claim Concerns | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

45 Comments on "NBCUniversal Offers NDA Releases Over Harassment Claim Concerns | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC"

  1. God bless Ronan Farrow and god bless The New Yorker! Truly advocating for women and their truth. Helping to shed light on the atrocities women have sadly faced for years. Allowing us to not feel as alone.

  2. R Kelly in Prison awaiting trial for the same reasons. Why this monster Weinstein is not a flight risk & walking free everyday?

  3. Per tort law, an NDA or non disparagement agreement doesn’t need a release if the contract regards concealing criminal activity or other abuses or torts of outrage.

    They never, and in no way, are valid in these circumstances. This assumption keeps victims silent who have no obligation to be silent, legally or otherwise.

    The business, if attempting to enforce this agreement, must admit they desired to conceal unethical or criminal conduct and knew this abuse was occuring and failed to advise or disclose to the new hire that knowledge of criminal behavior or tolerance of sexual abuse was an expectation of their success in working there.

    This is a bigger can of worms that puts the business at a greater civil liability as they could be accused of negligence, fraud or extortion as they had knowledge this behavior was occurring and was unsafe, and had to draft an agreement to conceal it while taking no action on the matter to ensure a healthy work environment for their employees.

    These illicit things going on in a business are always exempt from those agreements. Make sure victims know that they can’t be held liable for this by the business as no reasonable employee should expect that the nature of that contract was to conceal abuse or waive their right to be treated fairly for injustice.

    No reasonable employer should be engaging in this behavior in the first place or expecting people inside this workplace to tolerate the behavior or bear it silently.

    This would be an unreasonable expectation, if the employee didnt know about this behavior the contract was obtained through fraud, thus they cant legally consent to the contract

    Bottom line, it isnt legal to make employees sign this if you intend or expect the business to hurt them. It voids the agreement, entirely. They can try taking these people to court but I dont think they will win or be successful punishing the victim with the law, it will get expensive for them–extremely.

    It’s nice NBC is letting people know they arent bound by the contract. More employers should acknowledge this so that they can earn the trust of people who consider working there.

  4. Anybody remember that comedy show based on Hollywood where the Hollywood producer walked around naked?. It only lasted one or two episodes. I really wonder if it was based on Weinstein

  5. “not up to NBC standards” but won the pulitzer. makes sense.

  6. Thanks for sharing, Rachel. Corporate greed manifests itself in many ways.

    • Bernie knows this,too. that’s why NBC has him at 3rd. I know zero dems who want a candidate not named Bernie. More media lies only serve der Drumpf,that’s the “Apprentice” imperative of NBC moguls.

    • Annette youtube | October 26, 2019 at 10:52 AM | Reply

      @MIchael Rigby …please explain more, or provide me tips to search this subject. TIA.

      I truly want to know.

    • But they always use our own stuff (or other peoples stuff) against us.

    • Ronan Farrow said in a New Yorker interview that while the individual assaults are horrific enough, the system that supports and covers up these kinds of crimes is the real problem. He is brilliant.

  7. Gaetano Vindigni | October 26, 2019 at 6:58 AM | Reply

    Thank you Rachel for reporting honestly, and probably at risk to your career, NBC/Universal failure to stop and to investigate charges of sexual harrasment inside NBC.
    Will continute to follow your reporting at MSNBC or other outlets if your company forces you to leave.

  8. Courtney Love did warn folks years before this became public.

    • yyyyeppers !!! She and others. The top is the filthiest layer of the ocean. it’s where all the trash is…

  9. “POWER CORRUPTS” and those in power corrupt those around them.
    tRump is a great example of this.

    • Trump is the best example of this. We have always had corruption in our government, but Trump has taken it to the next level. Trump is by far the most corrupt and criminal POTUS in American history.

  10. 😆 Even r. Kelly got some goofies half way defending his scummy actions ain’t NOBODY (and rightfully so) defending weinstein or lauer.

  11. After seeing Ronan Farrow on Cobert’s show I concluded some execs at NBC need to be fired. However, I suspect this includes those in charge so it won’t happen without some public pressure.

  12. NBC: “Call us, we’ll give you permission to speak…”
    Uh, that’s gonna be a no, I never give the devil advance warning.

  13. Keith should buy her a drink.

  14. Confidentiality agreements should not be legal. They mask wrongdoing, and encourage and enable more victimization.

  15. Sometimes heroes disguise as journalist.

  16. Thank you. I’m so happy you addressed this in just the way you can

  17. N’est-on jamais tyran qu’ave un diademe?

    Is there no tyrant but the crowned one?

    Chenier-Caius Gracchus

  18. Wow, Rachel! Your courage and boldness in speaking truth to power is one of a kind!

  19. Maddow has more balls than every primetime news host combined

  20. Michelle Hope Lamb | October 26, 2019 at 11:22 AM | Reply

    I fear for Ronan’s safety all the time.

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