NC Democrat switches parties, giving GOP veto-proof supermajority in state House

After a North Carolina state lawmaker switched from the state’s Democratic party to the Republican party, CNN’s panel led by Alisyn Camerota questions whether voters were ‘hoodwinked’. #CNN #News


    1. She was on your side 10 secs ago 😂 you would have defended her every move to the death, now look at ya

  1. Wait a second, I thought THE PEOPLE WILL’S was the important thing, not if “she feels represented by the GOP”. What a joke

    1. @David It would be great if he shared a sell with Obama or Clinton but they’re above the law

  2. That’s crazy. When did she realize the democrat party wasn’t for her anymore. Emojis 😂😂 both parties have changed over the years. That didn’t happen over night. Most definitely didn’t just happen over the last 6 months.

    1. She’s just selling out to the highest bidder. Some big, conservative donor just made the switch worth her while.

  3. You should run on what you believe or admit you don’t believe in democracy or the people you represent. Lying to your constituents is an act of treason to our constitution.

  4. Meanwhile, can Emily’s List and the other supporters demand the Representative from N. Carolina reimburse them for their assistance. Does this mean that everything she claimed to support is suddenly she is
    Gong to abandon because of emoji’s? This is WRONG! Maybe NC needs to change there recall laws.

    1. Imagine continuing to call for laws giving the government control of your freedom of choice. I live here, and am independent, but have little problem with it. She’ll have to run as republican to stay so we’ll see how it goes. I won’t cry out for more government control like a 🐑.

    2. @Pandora Jones i would say a payout, but she’s lowkey smirking through this like ‘ha! pulled a switcheroo!’ so it feels a little more like it was premeditated.

    3. She obviously left due to the militant factions that attacked her over her beliefs. The hatred of patriotism. The hatred of Christianity. The unconditional intolerance. Not just “emojis”

  5. Those who voted for must protest against her daily! This is why people find it difficult to trust politicians!

    1. She’s not the first and she won’t be the last. Let the voters do a recall if they want to.

  6. Voter’s put her in office as a Democrat, representing democrat policies. If she wants to be a Republican representative, she should step down and then run as a Republican.

    1. @JasonDrvmz Why are you here if you don’t care 🤷🏼‍♀️ That makes zero sense to me! If I don’t care for something I don’t waste my time on it!

  7. You should not be allowed to switch parties after you are voted in, you should be forced to serve your term and vote for the best interest of your constituents for the full length of your term

    1. She still can vote in the interest of her constituents. Why would switching parties change anything?

  8. This epitomises all that’s wrong with US politics, the fact that behaviour like this by elected politicians campaigning fraudulently and blatantly misrepresenting themselves to voters and who are then allowed to serve their full terms just undermines trust in elections, the electoral process and government. These loopholes should be legislated against to deter this dishonest crap. Appalling!

    1. @Quaker 2023 It’s really sad that you are assuming the character and depth of people predicated on a two line response. Perhaps you might want to be a little more discerning before offering shallow judgements.

    2. @Quaker 2023 No judging people over a couple of lines is shallow. I didn’t call your shallow. I pointed out what you did was shallow. I don’t know you. I don’t know if you’re shallow regularly or if this was an outlier moment.

  9. Great Reporting and Great panel in this segment.
    There should be something put into law for whatever level of Congress that if a person flips parties then that person should not be able to vote in or do anything. A timeframe and use of power should be determined by the people of that district in a legit complaint of fraud. The people of that district have been misled and they should be able to have buyers remorse(for lack of a better term) if they were tricked. Also, the people should also be involved in investigation of that person and not be left just to the Congress.

    1. RIGHT!!! I feel like this is a slippery slope we are seeing. Anyone can be paid to run as one party then flip??? Scary stuff.

    2. Totally agree! It sounds like there’s no legal ability for them to recall her but I wonder if they could file a lawsuit of some sort? It seems awfully sketchy to me that you can run under one premise and then completely flip that premise once you win. That should be illegal and I mean that for BOTH parties! No one should win as Repub and flip to Dem. If you wanna flip, you either do it before the election or on the next run before that election, not after you term just started! Total BS!

  10. The people who voted her in did so under the premise that they wanted Democrat representation. As such, they should have the right, considering her “change” of opinion, and change of party allegiance, to replace her with a democrat representative of their choice, or the party chooses another rep and they hold another election.

  11. No way this wasn’t planned. She expects people to believe that she ran as a Democrat, made the promises she did, but was so close to the edge of switching that all it was going to take was a little criticism from the fringe on the far left? Really? If that is the case she ran in bad faith and should step down. One way or another, she planned this and is a complete liar.

    1. In an over 60 percent Democrat district, I bet they get her kicked out.
      Next Election is going to seriously axe the gop/gqp.

  12. Keep in mind Tim Moore said at the start of this session that he knew there were a few Dem they could work with and knew they basically had the Super Majority. It would be interesting to see her bank records over the past few years.

  13. If this were my district and she was the person I chose to represent me as a Democrat, I’d demand a special election. No Democratic district wants a Republican representing them, especially one who can’t process information or make a sane and informed decision 😡

  14. You somehow have a party that “now” represents you, despite it having long been very different from what you ran on.

  15. I live in NC and I believe if you change parties midstream then you shouldn’t be allowed to vote on any policies! All the campaign money that was donated to her by Democratic Party needs to be paid back by her. Her reasonings for switching is ridiculous.

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