NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh on fiscal update, says Trudeau’s government isn’t going far enough

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh on fiscal update, says Trudeau's government isn't going far enough 1


NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh reacts to the federal government's fiscal update and is calling on the Liberals to go further.


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24 Comments on "NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh on fiscal update, says Trudeau’s government isn’t going far enough"

  1. Bought and paid for and only knows one thing: Spend and don’t ask questions.

  2. Well why you join libreal!? I will nevet vote for you. You with libreal. Your done!

  3. And who pays when the companies leave Canada?

  4. mike garbowsky | November 30, 2020 at 6:29 PM | Reply

    Hey Jagmeat, maybe you shouldn’t have jumped in bed over the WE scandal. Zero Credibility

  5. There is no more money. The economy is in ruin. How can you spend more money. And how about presenting a budget ??? You did not present a budget in the spring. It is mandatory in our laws. The government has to present a budget every year, pandemic or not. And Singh should not talk, he keeps backing the Trudeau government. No one is looking for the Canadians welfare. None of the politicians are loosing salary, none of them face bankruptcy. And they voted themselves a raise last April.

  6. Jagmeet it’s the Liberals over the last 40 years that have created the income gap, you don’t actually think they want to do something about it do you

  7. He must be playing to much games with AOC to see what they had done to New York city. They wanted to tax the rich, but the result was that the rich fled the state; now they have less tax going in the coffers, but a ever increasing in spending.

  8. Gary Macpherson | November 30, 2020 at 7:04 PM | Reply

    Another trader destroying our country
    Why are you supporting Trudeau than
    Unreal we are screwed

  9. Hey jagmeet, i see your still carrying water for the liberals. Smfh!

  10. Joshua Cartagena | November 30, 2020 at 7:48 PM | Reply

    If you take borat, Seth Rollins and jinder mahal who do you get? Jagmeet Singh

  11. Pancuronium Pete | November 30, 2020 at 7:51 PM | Reply

    The guy who keeps true dope in power, sure looks like a hippocrit when he criticizes the government.

  12. Any “TAXES” they add will just be past onto the consumer. This is all about growing gov’t coffers on the backs of taxpayers. Neverending.

  13. Well. And I thought the liberals were spending like crazy. Does Jagmeet have no idea that we have to produce wealth to pay for his wish list?

  14. Why do you support this terrible Liberal Government. You need to call an election now !!!!!

  15. singh voted to keep the liberals in power and now he complains

  16. A broke party with a leader who hasn’t a clue ………………..yea way to go boy

  17. Clockwork Charts | November 30, 2020 at 8:26 PM | Reply

    His passion is completely gone from a couple yrs ago, now Singh is just transferring NDP votes to Trudeau

  18. Were only now not in a recession because the liberal government is printing money and this guy wants to raise taxes now.

  19. Hey Jagmeet, you keep shining up your knee pads for Captain Moistly we’ll be okay. NOT!


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