NDP MP wants ‘democratic controls’ on Prime Minister Trudeau’s powers

A New Democrat MP is trying to convince his colleagues to change the rules that govern the House of Commons in a series of ways he says would instill "democratic controls" on the prime minister's "unfettered" powers.

The motion also would have the effect of making it harder for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and all of his successors to misuse prorogation and dissolution as political tools to reset or swerve accountability.

In making his case for the package of reforms he calls "meaningful democratic controls" and why he thinks it should receive all party support— despite early indications that the Liberals and Conservatives won't back it— Blaikie took direct aim at Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre and his pledge to remove "gatekeepers."

"The Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre spends a lot of time attacking the prime minister and attacking the gatekeeping powers of the prime minister… And, now he's got a clear opportunity to go after the gatekeeping powers of the prime minister, and where is he? Nowhere. Nowhere to be seen."

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    1. Coalition in full force?
      You mean when he’s trying to restrict the powers of the PM?
      Interesting that Pierre isn’t supporting this.

    1. Bingo. Before trashing PP, this MP should just look no further than at his own party’s leader (Jugmeet) on why the NDP is propping this pathetic Liberal government. Currently the NDP has more power as party than it deserves.

    2. *their* say.
      You had your say less than 2 years ago, only 2 years after the election before that. Elections every 2 years is a waste of money.

  1. The executive has to have the ability to call an election because they must have the confidence of the house, Remember what an absolute mess the British system was in when Labour and Liberal parties were trying to overturn brexit. There was deadlock for months, the executive has to be able to call an election to break such deadlocks in our system, in a way its actually less democratic because you are relying upon an older election to break or decide new policy.

  2. NDP attacking conservatives on behalf of the Liberal. Why not pull the plug on the coalition if you want change?

  3. When NDP is more sensible than the current Liberal government, then we have a political system problem. I would like to see more transparancy for all government spending,decisions and limitations of power through voting.

    1. You realize the conservatives abused this power he’s refusing to when they were in power, right. This isn’t just a liberal problem, it’s also a conservative problem.

  4. Yes, the NDP party is part of the problem, but it’s nice to hear one of them speak sensibly

  5. Also if PMJT is abusing, why is your party keeping him in? Or is this to control what’s going to happen when poilievre does get in. And you want to control him.

    1. Maybe it’s to constrain all or anyone in the PMO. There’s a future beyond both of them. And a past where both those parties abused this power.

  6. If the NDP hadn’t have joined the Liberals you may have some merit in what you say. Right now the NDP are wolves in sheep’s clothing one of the same

  7. Are whole gov’t and house of commons need new rules on how things happen! I have been saying this for 2 years!

  8. All of this coming from a guy who is apart of a party who props up and ensures JT can get whatever ridiculous bills he presents.

  9. I’m confused? The NDP votes liberal in parliament. As per their agreement.

  10. Mr Coalition here hasn’t mentioned squat to trudeau about ANY of the issues he listed and conveniently blames PP for. None.

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