NDP ‘proud’ of 2022 budget, but ‘still has critiques and criticism’: Singh

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh responds to the tabling of the government's 2022 budget.

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    1. I don’t know about that. He found a way to turn 17% of the vote in to policy.
      It’s not democratic but it’s something

  1. Sorry Singh you lost my vote. I don’t trust NDP teaming up with liberals. I’m done with NDP and hocas pocas.

    1. Where’s your actual budget critique? Are you just gonna post repetitive nonsense without facts or merit like you always do?

    1. You’re either 15 years old or you’re a 35 year old living in your parent’s basement while collecting gov’t aid cheques. Period.

  2. If you are not happy with Justin not delivering for you, Jagmeet vote the budget down so Canadians can exercise their democratic right of chosing a government that serve Canadians not be served by Canadians like it is now with your support.

  3. I will forever have a problem seeing this guy as anything but a turncoat, whose participation only INCREASED Canada’s deficit.

  4. Parents who haven’t taken care of their kid , oops, did anyone else hear that slip up ? he meant to say hadn’t taken care of their kid teeth ,lol

  5. Singh is a weak leader and should step down and he’ll never be prime minister and will NEVER get my vote

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