Negril, Jamaica Party Boat which Capsized was Operating Illegally | TVJ News - May 4 2021 1

Negril, Jamaica Party Boat which Capsized was Operating Illegally | TVJ News – May 4 2021


The Tourism Product Development Company has revealed that the party boat that capsized in Negril, Westmoreland over the weekend was operating illegally TVJ news has also been informed that the police are far advanced in their investigations.

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    1. Everyone on the boat should be charged also because them breaking the disaster management risk act an if it’s was local we would be charged

    2. Tourist put themselves at risk..they are the one chose to follow the locals and break the law

    3. The tourists don’t care and as long as it is a party for the weekend it was okay. Them Miami folks didn’t care none and neither did the owner (not legal ) and neither did Paxton.

  1. We need everyone on the boat to be charged because of they’re ova the limits of people that should be gather, an if was local we would all be charged not because them are tourist

    1. White owner and wealthy Catamaran owner so probably not. People from Miami came for it but Jamaican Tiki Party Cruise been running before and during Easter lock down. $$$$ is made and nothing else seems to matter.

    1. Right? She has no work permit nor does she have life guard license yet Paxton took the boat out knowing it had engine problems. This will be a true test to see how ridiculously easy it is to break the law if you have money.

  2. Are you going to charge every jackmandora on that boat ??? Tourist or not ..hope so..more than average #

  3. This is not real. It’s serious and funny at the same time I am just happy that no one died. Like really party on land and the sea. We Jamaicans are something else.

    1. @Sade Lewin I’m being totally facetious, however, there literally are folks who want to go to hell and I’m not being facetious about that.

  4. His mask is so protecting him,when it’s not fitted properly and he is talking about safety and protection

  5. oh my lord. iam laughing how ever nothing goes on punished. ..they can be lucky. They are alive why are they partying is it OK ..

  6. Dem lucky two sharks never out dey curfew and dem bout dem a go pon boat a party. Dem lucky bad

  7. Knowing how corrupt authorities are nothing will come from this investigation. So to protect ourselves and the well needed visitors, we’ll have to check out the licenses when booking any trips . Thank God everyone safe.

    1. And ask to see life guard license as the white washed-out blonde don’t have work permit or license but again money talks.

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