Nenshi warns the rate of COVID-19 infection in Calgary is double what's being reported in India 1

Nenshi warns the rate of COVID-19 infection in Calgary is double what’s being reported in India


Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi is imploring people to follow health rules as the number of active COVID-19 cases continues to rise

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    1. @Pokarot i do understand. anybody who posts facts is branded a conspiracy theorist. doesn’t say much for the strength of the propagandist arguments, does it.

    2. @0xsergy that works out to 0.3% of annual deaths have been attributed to covid. but that total comes from way more than a year and will be less if considered on that basis.

    1. @Toronto loves Gandhi! How soon after he’s done being one of the worst mayors in Canada before he starts being paid by some
      Anti-Canada Marxist group

    2. Perhaps India either has:
      1. Much Less Testing
      2. Fewer Health Care resources or,
      3. More comorbidity.

      One of these factor if present could result in a misleading statistical comparison if all one does is compares the raw number of cases between the two places. All that said, I know little about what is going on now with India and COVID-19.

    1. @jman22shl what?? Justin Blackface Trudoh is the reason the COUNTRY is in this mess. Wake up ! Nenshi is brutal too, but don’t get it twisted

    2. @jman22shl take the time to look up who is in charge of Dina Henshaw and you’ll know where the rules come from

  1. Anyone else get that covid alarm? Suddenly everything has become clear. We are in trouble guys.

    1. Like when there’s an amber alert. Phone starts making a siren and the covid restrictions popped up. Friday at 5 pm. I’m in Edmonton.

  2. I regularly take the number of deaths over the number of new cases and locally it is always under 2%. Last year sometimes it was up around 4%. Hmmmm food for thought.

  3. Nenshi needs to go back 4 years and actually do something instead of just rename a bridge and debate residential speed limits. What a useless human being.

  4. Nenshi believes India does a better job tracking and then honestly reporting the rates of COVID in its massive slums and cities …

  5. You can all sleep easier now knowing theses idiots are in charge of things. .as you can see there doing a bang up job of things .

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