Nevada and Arizona continue midterm ballots in close election races | USA TODAY


  1. What’s wrong with technology in America we have elections all the time and results are always known within one day…. Something very strange is going on in America

  2. See that’s a problem: we don’t have election week or election season, it’s supposed to be Election Day— I have NO faith in the election process

  3. The longer they take to count votes the more skeptical people will be of the results

    This process should be simple

    People vote

    Votes are counted

    Winners are announced

    But why am I not surprised that America can’t even get that right

    1. If the machines count the vote, it gets done quickly, and the right screams fraud. If people count the vote, it takes a long time, and the right screams fraud. If the left wins, the right screams fraud. If the right loses, the right screams fraud. I actually agree that this is embarrassing. I have confidence in the election, I do not have confidence in the electorate.

  4. Maybe they need some help counting. Secretary of State who is in charge of elections, is also on the ballot. I say again, the Dem running for governor is also in charge of elections as Secretary of State.

    1. ​@Keagan1007 and he’s not in charge of the elections. She is literally in charge of the entire polling process. So yeah other than being on the ballot, literally no similarities.

    2. @Round Peg Brian Kemp was Secretary of State for Georgia in 2018. He was in charge of the election for governor. He also ran for governor in that election, and won, beating Stacey Abrams. You see no similarities?

  5. We can land little robots on comets, literally millions of miles away, but you expect us to believe we don’t have the ability to tally votes? 🤣😂 There is obviously something funny going on, as always with AZ elections. Time to investigate not just the people’s actions, but the people themselves.

  6. Those elections officials need to resign and the replacements take a clue from Florida. And they wonder why people believe their are shenanigans going on.

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