Never used stop on Toronto’s yet-to-open LRT being torn up for repairs

A new stop on the yet-to-open Eglinton Crosstown LRT is being torn up because it needs repairs despite having never been used.

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  1. This is a tax dollar thieving crime that’s been going on for almost a decade, before the eyes of 2.93 million of this city’s residents. And it makes sad that NOT A SINGLE PERSON is being held accountable for this crime of intentionally milking out the project budget. I’m not paying my hard earned taxes so some corrupted government officials can shove that up in the arse of their contractor/developer friend. This definitely will keep happening unless we make an example out of these criminals.

  2. Never. That’s the answer. Toronto will never see this project completed. And yet they are given more work building the Ontario line and other transit projects. Disgraceful.

  3. Oh dear, looks like that “Canadian Experience” might not be all that is cracked (no pun intended) to be 😂

  4. Crosstown is already a pain in the behind. I drive along Eglinton and frequently there’s trucks blocking the lane due to work being done along the line.

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