New Bodycam Video Reveals George Floyd Told Officers He Was Scared When Approached | MSNBC


  1. He apparently had reason to be fearful. They killed him with a cold indifference to his life and wellbeing.

    1. @Josef Not too hard to predict the future knowing the Police department there. And he was right.

    2. @Love Conquers All i do not understand what you are talking about i did not agree with the guy i was just saying what his defense is going to be

    3. WARRIOR OF GOD You are trying too hard to defend the indefensible 🤦‍♀️ Just stop! Give it up!

  2. I guess this is what was initially edited/redacted from the version they initially released.

    1. Yes, just like media conveniently omitted that George Floyd was a violent career criminal.
      And yes, I KNOW that didn’t give the cops the right to murder him over a fake $20, so don’t get hysterical.

    2. @The Wraith Personally I’m not hysterical. I just merely noted that there was more to the story by the fact that ‘they’ appeared to be hiding something from the originally released footage.
      You know, similar to the billionaire in the WH that hides his tax returns, the stable genius that hides all his academic grades, the “perfect phone call” locked away on a server, the ‘no collusion, total exoneration’ Mueller report that has only been released in redacted form, the philanthropist that defrauds charities, Mr. law & Order with all the corrupt friends & family members – many of which he suddenly “doesn’t know and has never met”… I could go on but I am sure we both have better things to do. 🙄

  3. Of course he was afraid of them, they took his life n showed no compassion for doing it #Heartless #Remorseless

  4. Good his family deserves a big payout even though it can’t bring him back they deserve a good life because of the loss they suffered.

    1. Sirius B at least the pale meth heads don’t shoot each other every night and blame the police for their problems LOL but good luck with that theory pretty entertaining

    1. @Steffan Mevel depends if it turns out that it was fentynol od and not asphyxiation but yes atm it looks like it is because the cop

    2. Daniel Millward She was pregnant dealing drugs though. She was not innocent in that just like Floyd was not innocent.

    3. @Daniel Millward – George Floyd was sentenced to five years in prison for his involvement in an armed robbery in 2007.

      The woman robbed, Aracely Henriquez, was injured by another man, and there’s no evidence she was pregnant at the time of the incident.

      Despite captions stating otherwise, a photo going around social media of a woman with bruises on her face is not Henriquez.

    1. WARRIOR OF GOD bruh, I’ve seen the footage of the murder, have you? Do you believe he’s a criminal and stoned because he is, perhaps, BLACK? Stop spreading conspiracies

  5. George Floyd called for his mom when he was dying. It reminded me of my Great Grandpa, I saw him calling for his mom when he was dying.

    1. Bill Bear He wasn’t killed for that. He was killed because he used a fake $20 bill. Nice attempt at character assassination though Cletus.

    2. @Christopher Justice he was killed because he resisted when they tried to put him in the car. Jesus dude do you think they would have curb stomped him like they did if he had just gone in the car? Smh dude your logic sucks your movement sucks.

      Secoriea Turner deserves more attention than anyone regardless of race, but ya know black lives don’t matter when a black life takes it.

  6. Image of George getting choked by neck in the video , to this day brings tears in eyes, at same time fills me with anger. His image of him losing his life will haunt me my entire lifetime.


    2. The arm choking killing of Elijah McCalin — with the officers re-staging the act AT THE SITE THEY MURDERED Elijah McClain a month after they did it, all smiling big, sending those pictures of them doing the mock choke to each other — was even more haunting. Elijah McClain was a 5’7″, 140 pound, introvert, violin playing, vegatarian who simply walked to the corner store and back, with some tea for his brother, when he was called on, as a “suspicious” man who was stopped, tackled down to the ground, by 4 big officers, with one of those idiotic officers saying: “you’re being suspicious, so I have the right to stop you…”

    3. Nobody seems concerned about all the black and black murders that have been occurring. Children and infants with no criminal record are being shot and killed – but not one of you can name one! Hypocrites!!

  7. He said I’m sorry more than once. He said Mama several times. Why did the others let him do it? They don’t have any excuse.

    1. @pennless8 now listen to me

    2. @pennless8 why do u always want smb to pay to you. Just go and find a job. Stop sitting on heads of White Hard working people

    1. Secoriea Tuner was murdered.

      This man was resisting arrest when he was killed. Notice the wording? Murder is premeditated but that’s way over your head I’m sure

    2. George Floyd went to prison. He did his time. By every account he had turned his life around and was trying to make amends. He didn’t deserve to die the way he did.

    1. When the Europeans REACHED africa – the locals HADNT invented the wheel!!!!!! The wheel!!!!

    1. When the Europeans REACHED africa – the locals HADNT invented the wheel!!!!!! The wheel!!!!

    1. WARRIOR OF GOD I don’t know how reliable OAN is but I do think more footage should be seen. I have seen the footage of the officer with his knee in the back of the neck and that’s not cool.


  8. It was police brutality no doubt. It wasn’t racism. If it was than those cops were a stunningly diverse crew of racists

    1. Where are the reports of Chauvin assaulting white suspects? Has anyone in the Asian community come forward to accuse him of assault? Nope, but fellow employees of the club he and Floyd worked have stated that Chauvin regularly brutalized black patrons. Just because Kueng stood by and watched as massa Chauvin killed a black man doesn’t make it any less racially motivated.

  9. Release the video!

    I’ve read the transcripts, the dude was so high that he was foaming at the mouth apparently. This doesn’t paint a good picture for his general health. Are y’all afraid that we were too quick to riot and might feel a little stupid for the nation wide overblown reaction?

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