New Brunswick teen warns of hazards of vaping after allegedly coughing up blood

New Brunswick teen warns of hazards of vaping after allegedly coughing up blood 1


A Saint John, New Brunswick teenager is warning others about the hazards of vaping, after what she calls a terrifying incident that led to her coughing up blood.

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26 Comments on "New Brunswick teen warns of hazards of vaping after allegedly coughing up blood"

  1. Well kids shouldnt be smoking it

  2. Jordan Gardiner | September 29, 2019 at 6:31 PM | Reply

    I’ve coughed up blood more than a few times. I shrug and move on lol.

  3. Even vape shops warn about juul. To strong and to much vapor. Not all are that bad. If you feel sick you likely have too strong Nicotine %. JMO. And yes teens should not be smoking or vaping.

  4. She should try cigarette cigarettes, then talk.

  5. of course its juul. counterfeit pods. stay away from juul everyone

  6. Kids were dumb yesterday. They are dumb now and will be dumb in the future.

  7. She should switch to weed.

  8. The thing is these kids vape like eating 5 bags of candy lol

  9. You shouldn’t use any vape unless you’re a smoker.

  10. “vapes cheap chinese manufactured cartridges” wAiT wHy Am I gEtTiNg SiCK?

    • The streets are flooded with dangerous counterfeit cartridges for Juul and weed vaping devices in the USA. The poisonous THC vials/carts(cartridges) are showing up in Canada and the EU now.

  11. Manifested Logic | September 29, 2019 at 11:36 PM | Reply

    Vaping isn’t bad for you. Using illegal e cig products from foreign countries will harm you.

    Kids are buying illegal THC and vaping products

  12. Jonathan Parent / DJ 10N1Z3D | September 30, 2019 at 12:30 AM | Reply

    Of course it’s JUUL… but then again, we all knew that stuff like this would happen.

  13. she should tell doctors what she was really putting in those pods.

  14. She got her first period 😂

  15. Nobody should smoke cig, e-cig, flavored cigars, or sheesha.

  16. What about the hazards of alcohol?

  17. Juul = 50mg salt nicotine (more bio available and newer to market) regular e juice ranges from 0-12 mg usually and uses freebase nicotine. (Takes longer for body to absorb) i was a pack a day smoker and started vaping on 24mg salt nicotine. Even that was to much for me. Since i have gone to regular freebase e liquid at 6mg and it has kept me off cigarette s

  18. LOL LOL this either needs to be banned or just let the idiots that haven’t learn yet figure it out.

  19. So let’s recap the facts here. 18 year old buys ecig illegally from where? What was in the pod.? Millions have vaped from more then 10+ years and yet only recently we see these medical issues arise from new users. If health and safety were the concern why are we not talking about banning cigarettes?

  20. Cool story kids shouldnt do it and hers her 15 min of fame

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