1. @Peter Collins no they aren’t. The vast majority are being coerced and blindly following.
      This isn’t a vaccine.

    1. @Peter Collins No, they don’t. The president can only decide how to enforce existing law, not make new law. The fact that the courts are called upon to shoot down executive overreach does not mean that the EO is valid until being shot down. It’s a violation of the constitution the moment it’s written and clearly violates the constitution. It’s part of the checks and balances the founders intended that everyone at every level of government and all citizens would ignore and otherwise defy such unconstitutional usurpations of power.

    1. @bubble jim 1% mortality rate, you don’t care about health either, just power, better mask up, take your 2 shots, and don’t forget your booster. Be sure to slip in your covid suppository everyday for your government overlords too!

      Blue and pink haired clowns pretending to care about health, comical

    2. @SparTadepT 740,000 Americans dead more than the number of American KIA’s in WWII. In public health 1% is very high.

    3. @Keeping HealthyYou have to walk into the place to get the shot. Walking is healthy. So there is something healthy.

    4. @bubble jim You don’t care about health either. Covid is just a status thing for you. You want to be seen as a good person, so you volunteer your own friends and family and coworkers to be guinea pigs for an experimental vaccine that barely even works in the first place. That’s incredibly reckless for someone who pretends to care about health.

  1. I think OSHA just told us that these large companies are unsafe. So please do your holiday shopping at the safer, small, ma and pa stores.

    1. @Peter Collins Lol oh right. The FDA. No conflict of interest there, considering Pfizer pays 45% of their budget. You should look up University of California SARS-CoV-2 mRNA Vaccination-Associated Myocarditis in Children Ages 12-17: A Stratified National Database Analysis by Dr. Tracy Beth Hoeg and get back to me

    2. @John Smith I work actively against suppression of speech. I am quite happy when deliberate, proven lies, which endanger public health, are not permitted, exactly as I support denying people the freedumb to shout FIRS in a crowded theatre.

      People have available to them an absolute mountain of information about all of the vaccines. You, nor any other person here, has presented a single bit of actual evidence that the vaccines are not safe. When the entirety of the data says they are very safe, you have to provide some facts to contradict that, or you look foolish.

    1. @todkapuz I am no sure but I believe any business with 100+ are going to require the employees be vaccinated, other wise OSHA can and will find them. Any business can write a policy requiring a vaccine during employment or at time of hire. People are missing the big picture, it’s about saving humanity.

    1. @Joe Kleczkowski I have watched this whole thing unfold. I was planning an overseas trip. Had been staying up on Asian events. Again, watched it all unfold.

      First question I had was- is it airborne(knowing the answer)? After much denial- yes was the answer. Delayed global alarms led to a global pandemic. I think most of us have been exposed.

      You are responsible for yourself, don’t let these titanium fingers 72 yr old chain smoking vodka drinkers drag you into their empty lives. Even their own kids won’t visit them.

    2. The goal post has been lost. Fauci went full Kardashian and Biden is still just a mumbling idiot with no balls.

    3. This had nothing to do with the virus. It’s about control. Biden should go back to his basement and stay there.

    1. It wouldn’t matter if he release this mandate before the governor’ race. New Jersey’s voting system is corrupted. They magically dumped 40,000 mail in ballot over night for democratic.

  2. Just ignore this, these rules are legal or constitutional at all. These rules have to be voted on by congress, and even then it probably is still unconstitutional.

    1. No the answer is no they trying to cripple us 1400 fire fighters quit in NY half the police refuse. Power line companies losing 65% employees doctors nurses quitting around the clock they know this. Plus testing for covid is dangerous like that theres a thin layer protecting your brain can’t poke it weekly it’s dangerous then you get to who’s testing if it’s not someone trained most people won’t do it. My work had this lady who never been in medical and knew nothing everyone refused to take it then we lost more people down to 1 person a floor to take care of 12 people. It’s a joke let’s go Brandon

    2. @Thalweg Education Your employment status CANNOT be tied to your vaccination status. That is discriminatory and illegal. You have every right to refuse any vaccination RECOMMENDED by your employer, with the only risk you are assessing is your risk of contracting said virus, not the risk of losing your job. This is well established law. The ADA clearly states that you don’t even have to disclose any information about your health if you fear it can be used against you for discrimination.

    3. It’s weird, cause I have family that works in construction and do you know how many OSHA rules are broken daily? The get told ahead of times when osha is coming by, they inform everyone and then fix/comply with all the rules and then after they leave go back to doing what ever. It’s the same with most if not all restaurants with health inspectors.

  3. *Why do the “protected” need to be protected from the “unprotected” by forcing the unprotected to use the protection that couldn’t protect the protected in the first place?*

  4. If I get vaccinated, will I be safe?
    If yes, then all the workers who are vaccinated are safe from the unvaccinated.
    If no, then why get vaccinated?

    1. That’s the absurdity of this all. They want you to get the vax to be protected…but then say if you’re vaxxed, you need to be protected from the unvaxxed, which means you’re not actually protected.
      Which is it???

  5. Lol. My employer has over 400K employees globally but has stated they will be waiting until all litigation is complete before making any mandates. This dog won’t hunt for years.

  6. Total madness! OSHA is to protect workers not cow down to politicians, this is not about safety or health. Just money for politicians.

  7. “They dont think there will be a mass exodus in the workforce” How is it that your average person can see the future better than the government? 😂

  8. The ultimate response tactic is to stand together in numbers and REFUSE to get it.

    Fight the tyranny, people.

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