New COVID Cases Overwhelm Texas Hospitals 1

New COVID Cases Overwhelm Texas Hospitals


Last week, Texas and Florida accounted for 40% of coronavirus hospitalizations in the U.S, according to the White House. Still, the governors of both states continue to back their bans on mask mandates. NBC’s Joshua Johnson spoke to emergency medicine physician, Dr. Owais Durrani, about the challenges he’s facing in Texas.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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New COVID Cases Overwhelm Texas Hospitals


    1. @Keith Johnson – Shelby GT500 Type this into your YT search bar:
      Ron DeSantis finally gets what he deserves in Florida

    2. All lies! Hospitals are not overcrowded at all! I personally went to Elmhurst hospital during the height of the pandemic and proved they are lying with video. Go to my channel and see for yourself! Better yet go to your hospital and see first hand! Thanks

    3. @LifeisA Dream Petition To Recall Ron DeSantis Gains Over 35,000 Signatures

      Ron DeSantis finally gets what he deserves in Florida | No Lie podcast

    1. Uh… yes he is what are you talking about. “Pandemic of the unvaccinated” is a talking point designed to get ppl to drop all other precautions which is highly irresponsible with how vaccinated people can spread Delta

    2. @Terran Sage Lol! 99.5% of those in the hospital are unvacinated. The states own doctors are saying it, not Washington DC or CNN- the hospitals are saying it.

    3. All lies! Hospitals are not overcrowded at all! I personally went to Elmhurst hospital during the height of the pandemic and proved they are lying with video. Go to my channel and see for yourself! Better yet go to your hospital and see first hand! Thanks

    1. @H2 Lo The sooner people stop being pansies and get it the sooner it will be over. Will done die yeah but the 99 percent will be ok. Ok little cry baby?

    2. @flagguy30 They kept coming to work guy, so they either got it with no symptoms or didn’t. You’re playing the Butterfly Effect game here, so if you want to be so self-deprecating to take on the responsibility of a cotton facemask being the endgame to virus transmission prevention, you’re going to lose.

    3. @H2 Lo Idk what you read bubs but ain’t no hospital going to move a cancer patient for a covid patient. I’m gonna keep these boots on while I’m on overtime tonight. Thanks.

    4. @Booty Messiah No, it’s not the butterfly effect. It’s called r0. The r0 for the delta variant is 3.5 to 4. That means for every infected person, they will spread it to 3.5 to 4 other people. That’s how these things work. And nobody EVER said masks are the be-all end-all for stopping the spread of the disease. It is one tool in the toolbox.

    5. @Booty Messiah I do not understand your comment. You do not seem stupid. Science is a means of uncovering relationships and patterns of external reality. Its objective is apolitical, even though it can be misused by the ignorant and unscrupulous. Anything can be taken to extremes, I suppose. But I do want people to obey traffic laws, wear seat belts, and not smoke near me because that helps preserve my life. If they don’t want to, that’s OK. But then please don’t drive on the roads and don’t blow smoke at me. Blanket rejection of science and expertise is dangerous and is not rational.

  1. Keep the beds for the children and the people who are vaccinated and those who wanted to but couldn’t because of health issues.

    1. Only way for hospital to deny covid infected access to ICU is to have one ICU remaining and have two patients arriving at the same time. If patient requires ICU or other medical attention, it is part of hospital workers job to provide such help.

    2. I think everyone, regardless of their life choices, needs care. Paying for it, however, should be on them. If you choose not to get a freely available vaccination and you end up in the ICU, insurance providers should be allowed to simply deny the claim.

  2. You can thank Abbott & DeSantis poor leadership …. their lack of concern for human life is appalling !!
    Zoe , Canada

    1. @Trust Me What you left out was that Trump downplayed the disease for a few months before admitting the problem. With a truthful and decisive president, we’d’ve had a much slower spread of it. Trump also wasn’t wearing a mask for the longest time, implying it wasn’t “manly” to wear one. That also made the disease spread faster than otherwise. All this remains true even assuming Trump’s Operation Warp speed. Winning on one point out of three doesn’t make you a winner.

    2. @Heather Matthews No, they very much criticized the vaccine, considering that it was dangerous after Trump removed the red tape to get it on the field early. Of course, Kamla, Biden, and Fouci would later retract these statements they made.

    3. All lies! Hospitals are not overcrowded at all! I personally went to Elmhurst hospital during the height of the pandemic and proved they are lying with video. Go to my channel and see for yourself! Better yet go to your hospital and see first hand! Thanks

  3. It’s to bad we have some politicians letting politics get in front of them instead of putting the people’s health first and foremost. They should be fired! Now! In my opinion they’re not doing they’re jobs. Telling people eff others and their masks.

    1. Unfortunately, those politicians are only reflecting the beliefs of a whole lot of moron voters. They didn’t elect themselves, morons did. Over time, the morons will slowly die off, this is how evolution works. It’s just not going to happen as soon as the smart people would like. Sadly.

    2. All lies! Hospitals are not overcrowded at all! I personally went to Elmhurst hospital during the height of the pandemic and proved they are lying with video. Go to my channel and see for yourself! Better yet go to your hospital and see first hand! Thanks

    3. @LifeisA Dream that wasn’t a hospital! I call BS IT WAS A FUNERAL HOME. and if I’m mistaken, he said their booked up. You can’t even present any facts. Nice try through.

    1. @Dianney S uh huh, and funny how if covid is such a threat, the media stays silent about covid positive ILLEGAL migrants flooding the country and passing it on to americans. Covid ONLY seems to be a threat to people who are fed up and ready to get back to normal

    2. They’re doing what they were hired for. The president should be tried on crimes against the people.

    3. We live in a reckless society and this is depressing and a moment to shake your head at the level of ignorance we have to live with. Freedom comes with responsibility to do the right thing and if we aren’t in it together, we will suffer. If you choose to not get vaccinated, don’t expect sympathies when death arrive and you’ve had your “I’ve learned my lesson” laments. The boy who cried wolf will not be listened.

    4. @Scientific Methodologist Non Compliers are the best patients. Silently intubated vegetables.

    5. @Izod Man, We live in a false reality spun by those who want to control us. Don’t play their fool any longer.

    1. @Mark Evans Immigrants are tested and quarantined if they are positive for covid. It’s a lie that they are the cause of the recent increase.

    2. @Mark Evans Oh well if you know better then by all means present your evidence. The thing is, they have built entire areas out just to house quarantines migrants.

  4. Why are these two governors not being investigated for incompetence and a failure to perform and charged with negligence and the possibility of causing harm resulting in death? This selfishness and using religion to justify their ineptitude.

    1. All lies! Hospitals are not overcrowded at all! I personally went to Elmhurst hospital during the height of the pandemic and proved they are lying with video. Go to my channel and see for yourself! Better yet go to your hospital and see first hand! Thanks

    2. Money talk. Abbot and Desantis want to keep their “economy open”, and they are “freedom fighters”

    3. How are they preventing you from wearing a mask or getting vaxxed? They’re not. Not a single law has been placed against any of this. They are literally telling you to do what you see fit best for yourself/your family.

    4. So you saying that Cuomo should be prosecuted? Do some research on the size of the virus itself, it’s measured in nanometers. A nanometer is 1000 times smaller than a micron!! A N95 mask won’t stop drywall dust let alone a micron, then even smaller a nanometer! The virus is small and is in the steam that you exhale!! Put three masks on and breath on your mirror. Then tell me if mask work!!! Good luck and take your vitamins.

  5. Great job governor’s really looking out for themselves instead of the people.

    Deaths were how many this week? 1000 in the past two weeks. 650+ is my bet.

    1. @John Johnson Rofl, you Biden supporters are an international joke now lol. Fyi, I live in California and the Democrats here allowed the virus in that’s now literally infected your state lol. Get wrecked hahahaha

    2. @Man SpiderI bet they have mask mandates before Florida does. Living here I find it’s like having Trump Jr governor. I rather have masks forced and be able to get a surgery.

      You’re one of the blame it on the brown people despite the numbers.

    3. @John Johnson I go to the gym literally everyday without a mask and haven’t gotten sick lol. Our Governor here Democrat Gavin Newson is such a terrible governor that he’s about to be recalled. What about your Republican gov lol? I wish we could trade.

    4. @Man Spider I haven’t lived in CA for 20 years. Not having a state tax is nice, but having a governor who kills our tourism dollars isn’t funny.

      I’m worried Disney is going to bankrupt itself if it’s kept up. I’m surprised they haven’t gone after him. Don’t hear much about anyone, but Nancy in CA.

      Stay safe… If the numbers are up wear a mask lazy bones. Wish my body would let me exercise.

  6. These Governor’s should be punished for the people that die that can be directly associated with the things they are doing.

    1. i can’t believe the main stream media aren’t under arrest for the constant lies and pushing for terrorism

    2. The governor of Texas is not responsible for the flood of foreign nations into his state. See my previous post about a doctor saying that the vast majority of the people they are treating for COVID-19 or for initials in the United States illegally without insurance.

    3. @LifeisA Dream , Cleveland Ohio here!!! Last year about this time, they were going to make one hospital covid only!!! CLEVELAND CLINIC!!!! They didn’t have enough cases, yet the hospitals were overwhelmed , according to the news!! Fairview hospital, part of Cleveland Clinic. I have family member works there!

    4. The only governors that should be punished jack r the liberal ones who intentionally killed 1000s of seniors with their nursing home policies regarding forcing the homes to accept cov1d positive patients because they want people like u to die.

  7. I wouldn’t return my child to school just yet Stay with home schooling & or remote Learning that’s just the way to be safe not sorry no regrets Gratitude for ability to learn remotely until everyone is vaccinated and the pandemic is under control

    1. Legit questions :
      What are the numbers concerning kids and covid right now ?

      What is the number of deaths concerning kids and covid?

      What are the current number of hospitalizations of kids concerning covid?

    2. @Dustin Blair many of those can be googled… Plus he just said the kids are filling up children’s hospitals or being flown 2 other states.. I heard of many stories of kids getting covid even since it started… An 5yr old in Greene own area died, an 8yr old died… Believe a Florida school district already closed in the 1st week or so bcuz 407 cases of students & teachers had it so they had 2 go remote. Oh its information out there & stories on YouTube about kids & ppl telling there stories

    3. Unfortunately, that isn’t an option for a lot of people. They don’t have anyone to stay home with their young children because they’re required to work to survive. I agree that in an ideal world we could have the kids home until this passes but our capitalistic economy doesn’t allow for it.

    4. @Shay C well when they close districts down & go remote those parents will either find a way or stay home… Schools in some places are already starting 2 close bcuz of massive schools having covid outbreaks. Everyone knows there are ppl out there that need 2 work 2 make it…millions do.

    1. Are you kidding? They are only pro-life while in the womb. The minute you are born, they don’t care if you are kicked to the curb because your family can’t afford the hospital stay.

  8. Just talked with a relative? “It’s only a flu….don’t be stupid. (After his dad was hospitalized, my 94yr old father IS hospitalized, and another relative’s father in law is dead.) Thankfully my father is quickly rebounding because he was ‘smart’ and fully vaccinated a few months ago, and this Delta Variant was kept at bay.

    Once politicized? True stupidity knows no bounds.

    1. @John Fisher Lol! That’s actually so untrue it’s funny that you try to lie about it. give the phone back to mom and sit down, you’re out of your league.

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