New Details Emerge From Epstein Autopsy | All In | MSNBC

New Details Emerge From Epstein Autopsy | All In | MSNBC 1


Carol Leonnig of the Washington Post explains what the new revelations from Jeffrey Epstein's autopsy could mean for the investigation into his death.
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New Details Emerge From Epstein Autopsy | All In | MSNBC

80 Comments on "New Details Emerge From Epstein Autopsy | All In | MSNBC"

  1. Eyehayt Apricots | August 15, 2019 at 10:06 PM | Reply

    Tiny orange hand prints were found all over Epstein’s neck and buttocks.

  2. He didn’t jump off of something to strangle himself…unlikely.

    • @D Mack 1.that jail even without siluicide watch has a policy of no prisoner alone.
      2. The only reports of him being taken off didnt even come out til after his death…

    • 1 suicide in that jail in over 30 years so, it’s almost unheard of. They should check cameras before epstein got there and see if camera directions changed.

    • So, this is going to be a tad graphic, and personal, but here goes…
      When I was 18 and struggling with undiagnosed bipolar and the suicide of my mom a few years earlier I attempted to hang myself. I did it from a position with my feet on the ground so I could slowly increase the pressure on the neck (as opposed to the sudden squeeze of kicking off a stool like in movies) until it disrupted the carotid artery enough to cause unconsciousness at which point I’d pass out and the pressure increase (note: many ppl who commit suicide by hanging do it from such positions and not in the execution hanging method or the TV chair-kick method, as another poster mentioned). Now most depictions of hangings show it to be relatively ‘peaceful’ and ‘fast’, but this is not the case. It take many minutes and the hypoxia from either lack of breathing or blood-flow to the brain cause severe convulsions. For me these convulsions saved my life by causing the cord I had used to break free from the ceiling before I died. I continued to convulse on the floor for I don’t know how long as the noose was still tight on my neck but slowly being loosened now by those same convulsions. I continued to flop around on the floor like that for some time as I progressively gained more consciousness and eventually enough control over my shaking arms to fully loosen and then remove the noose, but it was still quite some time of shaking, coughing, and struggling to breathe before I could actually move again, and had breathing difficulties, bruising, and neck pain quite severely for some time afterwards.
      All this is to say hanging suicides are much more violent than most ppl think, and that while yes hyoid fractures are more rare they are not unheard of in such cases (I was much younger so my hyoid was significantly more soft/flexible than a 66yo). Do I know if this was the case with Epstein, no idea honestly, but this experience came to mind when I heard these details and read this thread so thought I’d share.
      BTW: though I still struggle with mental health issues I’m very glad I survived and have gone on to experience the things I have since that night. If you are feeling suicidal or troubled by this post please reach out to local support groups/call centres, or visit your ER – please. Take care folks.

  3. we need to know what happened, is just too suspicious. i have no pity for him but do wish it had happened after his victims had gotten to testify. they deserved the closure. now we need the other pedophiles from his group to be arrested.

  4. Why did Bill Barr go to visit Epstein?

  5. So bill barr goes in to visit and hours later he dies of strangulation?…reminds me of a reporter who was chopped by some saudis !

  6. Sponge Bob Steve | August 15, 2019 at 10:28 PM | Reply

    This story keeps getting weirder and weirder

  7. The CCTV footage of Epstein’s cell at the time of his death is with the CCTV footage of the Pentagon on 9/11 – conveniently not there !

    • Hi Arthur Smythe. That link is to footage starting with the explosion, just in time to see nothing before. Oh, and when will they release the photos the dancing I-reelis took of themselves smiling in front of the burning towers? Only have poor quality, redacted photocopies have been released, early this year, 17 years after the fact.

    • @arthurneddysmith Even the comments on the link you posted say they can’t spot a plane, and it looked like a missile.

    • Thats ok though, they have the story from the 2 guards that said they were sleeping. Problem solved. not

  8. I feel like I’m watching a Crime Series, Thriller T.V series. Someone visits him in prison, hours later….dead. Hmm

    • Mufnpuff Flora | August 16, 2019 at 5:24 AM | Reply

      And, of course blame the Clinton’s. Even Putin blames Hillary for his poor performance as criminal in chief. He also blames her for the young people protesting against his fake elections. They want honest elections, just like we do.

    • Amy O : The hyoid bone floats, only connected by cartilage. On its own, you’d be suspicious of a murder. But, they said, “broken bones,” plural. More than one broken bone, and it’s definitely murder, even if they can’t prove it. That would be conclusive enough for me

    • Mufnpuff Flora : Yaaawwwnnnski . . . 😴

    • Totally agreed, isn’t “US Under Trump” a long (too long) unbroken series?

  9. Jordan Kelemen | August 15, 2019 at 10:45 PM | Reply

    With all the thing necessary to make this work it would appear to be a inside job.

    • Yes an inside job.
      But not the jailers

    • IF this really was murder it would be practically impossible for it not to be an inside job. But with the most powerful and connected people on earth involved they will probably succeed in the cover up and we may never know the truth. or it will take a really long time before someone involved comes clean which would obviously put them in great danger as well.

    • Of course, inside job, paid for by the outside people.

  10. Like I have said since I first heard, he was murdered! Plain and simple.

    • A Evelyn Moose | August 16, 2019 at 6:49 AM | Reply


    • U1F441 UFE0F Paedophile or pedophile.

    • as soon as he’s left alone again he’ll cremate himself quickly

    • MSNBC, Washington Post, New York Times, CNN, ABC and all the main stream media in America are only echoing each other and not any asking questions.
      How do one KNEEL down to hang yourself?
      Has Ghislaine Maxwell been charged?
      Where is the brother Mark Epstein?
      And where are Les Wexner, George Mitchell and Alan Dershowitz?
      How did Epstein make his money?
      Where are the other 3 flight logs?
      Where did Epstein die? In the ambulance or at the hospital?
      It seems the first time Epstein was wounded in jail, he was actually attacked. Why not investigate this? Ask Epstein’s lawyers.

      The media should  get out in the field! RT and the British newspapers can do it, so can MSNBC and their comrades.

  11. This is such a blatant cover up. It’s amazing how naive Americans are.

  12. It was a hit he knew too much about too many powerful people and he was gonna spill the BEANS

  13. Johnny Stewart | August 15, 2019 at 10:56 PM | Reply

    Even Stevie Wonder can see this was murder!!

  14. Is not a conspiracy. Its a plot. Some one’s dirty work.

    • It is a real conspiracy. Not a theory. That’s the difference. This is a no brainer. Epstein had knowledgeable that could destroy powerful men. After a life sentence, you know he would take down some with him.

    • @elijah mikle I am going to tell you Leftists something that you do not know: the term “conspiracy-theory” was coined BY THE FVKING CIA, in-order to detract from those legitimate investigators whom had proven that the “official” story of JFK was a complete fraud.

      Yeah…you people are “woke”…

    • I don’t think Epstein’s death is cut & dry either. But a few years ago my left patella (kneecap) snapped in half as I was walking up stairs, no warning, no previous injury, just snap ! The surgeon who repaired the break said that in his 15 years, he had never seen a complete fracture, such as mine, without some kind of major ‘blunt force trauma’ to the patella – eg. car crash.

  15. This is all sooo transparent 🙄,,,, we need to make a change

  16. This sort of nonsense is why victims in the USA don’t step forward.

  17. I really do not think that Jeffrey Epstien took his own life.
    Somebody else wanted to shut him up! ❗❗

  18. His Death Smells like another attempt to Obstruct Justice.

    • Great Conspiracy theory.

    • Ace1000ks1975 | August 16, 2019 at 4:45 AM | Reply

      it smells like Trump allowed it, because Trump was implicated with it.

    • Trina D : Watch them, “lose,” his hyoid bone, or some other piece of vital evidence, now? . . . It’ll be in a jar, on Trump’s desk. In the same way that Trump’s balls are in a jar on Putin’s desk

    • Green Machine : No one, except idiotic Trump Trolls, actually, “believes,” in the 911 Conspiracy Theories, or the Moon Landing ones. Nor do they deny that Gravity is a thing . . . Smh

  19. Splash Attack TCG | August 16, 2019 at 12:34 AM | Reply

    *”No video cameras pointing towards his cell. All the guards were asleep.”*

    LMFAO. Do they even try anymore?

  20. Epstein got jumped before he was about to rat on his pedofile gang.

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