1. @Eudora Ebirien-Agana
      It really boils down to the fact that the British mature much much later and that potty training can be a 35 year process. Take Andrew for example, having the need to play with children.

    1. Uncle Reggie You stated that leftist extremists lit those fires! I asked you to supply evidence that they did,which l already knew you couldn’t ! Don’t use our tragic and devastating fire situation to promote your sick political views here mate! And yes your an idiot,nothing more nothing less!…🇦🇺

  1. Shocking announcement to the world. Really!!! The whole world really cares? I can’t imagine. Must be the same people that allow an internet ad to sway their vote. Geeze…

    1. @N Xarigow plenty more in the uk but yall worried about one couple who does more good in a year than most people in a lifetime.

    1. @Unique Kay yup, as far as I know, but still, it’s only a scandal; no treath to the monarchy as such. It might lead to a distinction between Royal Family (which is quite huge), and the Royal House (limited to the line of succession to the throne). Seems like the recent pics of the Queen are already an indication of that.

    1. @U♋Y “Innocence” is irrelevant — a grown man knows he can’t put his hands on a 17-yr-old, IT’S ILLEGAL! What planet are you from? She was not some teenage fangirl trying to kiss one of the Beatles backstage! Go look up “pedophiles & grooming” & educate yourself on how men like Epstein choose & then prime young girls to be preyed upon sexually.

  2. King William will be a young pensioner doing everything insignificant and eating up millions of taxpayer money.

  3. Right as if she didn’t call herself to make sure WE ALL KNOW WHAT YOU DO!!!!!! YOU CLAIM YOU WANT PRIVACY!!!!

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