New GOP Panic As ‘Biden Republicans’ Upend Trump’s Alliance | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC


    1. We just need to keep it that way from now on. This country cannot afford to have Mitch McConnell or any other republican as Majority leader. They simply refuse to get anything done for any class of Americans who are not the top 1% of the 1%.

  1. Screw Mitch. They’ve obstructed over and over. Biden has witnessed this bs for over 40 years. Now, no more. Hooray

    1. @Mandy Not only did the tDumpster regime fail to develop a national strategy for the pandemic, it actually trashed the plans left in place by previous administrations.

  2. The majority of older Republicans are still living in the past, holding on to their Reagan pride. That’s exactly what McConnell wants from them, blind loyalty. Their party, in the meantime, has completely abandoned them.

    1. @Susan Maggiora today, yes… but we were talking about the late 1980’s and there was NO military force on the Planet which could have stood against the USA back then in a non-nuclear conflict.
      When President Bush Sr sent our forces into Desert Shield & then Desert Storm, they were facing one of the most powerful military regimens in the World that was well equipped by the Soviets & others and had years of experience in combat against Iran and the USA’s military mowed them down like grass.
      After the conflict, a surviving Iraqi Officer states that he was ordered into Kuwait with 36 Russian tanks under his command & after weeks of aerial attacks, he was down to 32.
      He reported that 20 minutes after the first wave of American Abrams tanks engaged his forces, all of his tanks were toast & he and the other survivors were fleeing on foot for their lives.
      America’s military was vastly superior at that time to anything else on Earth.

    2. @Susan Maggiora oh, & you mentioned dragging out a conflict for 4-5 years…in case you hadn’t noticed, America has been actively engaged in combat in Iraq first & later Afghanistan for the past TWENTY YEARS.

    3. @Cat Magic This boomer wrote some of the code that every server runs on today. Like every generation, some were good, some were bad. And my adult children were never spoiled, and are very productive, creative happy people. Maybe you sold out, not everyone did.

    4. @jeff nomad I dunno, as head of the CIA I would think he would’ve remembered where he was (Dallas) the day Kennedy was assassinated.

    5. @Judith McDonald I’m sorry….WTF are you implying???
      I was a student in the LA city school system when Reagan was Governor.
      You’re WRONG…OUT

  3. That’s interesting because i was in high school during Reagan and it’s because of Reagan that I’m a lifetime Democrat.

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    3. @Bea Conn
      You’re so correct. That along with the tax breaks he gave to the wealthy. The tax breaks and the demise of the unions. Led to the demise of the working middle class.

    1. @West House LOL! As adorable as a toddler caucus might be, I doubt it’ll ever happen. When I meant age I meant older citizens, not younger, so over the age of 18. I should’ve made that clear. I did mention citizenship. US citizens have the right to vote. Of course we could quibble about criminals, but my simple thought is that if the average US citizen wants to vote then they should.

    2. @nonya biness everyone knows the FBI staged a coup against Trump before he was sworn in. Barr was probably threatened by Brennan. The judges in the swing states were paid off by Facebook and Soros. That was verified by time magazine.

    3. @nonya biness the chief Justice of scotus is a rino. The Georgia gop officials were threatened. Even a family friend of governor was blown up in a car.

    4. @anthony mitchell Fox just gaslights, pontificates without evidence. When you watch CNN or MSN you will see comments backed up by evidence and research; just like the clip we are commenting on. You do not see that on Fox (or Fox Australia, also owned and dominated by Murdoch). Fox allows guests to rant and spew all kinds of nonsense while the hosts just nod their heads and tsk- tsk. They never show any evidence of what their spitting out. And that’s a fact. I wish you well, sir. I really mean that.

  4. Yeah what do ya know? A bill that will help working people and all people in general is popular for the average GOP voter.

    1. If you asked them about the individual parts like protection for preexisting conditions, keeping students insured through their parents until they got work on their own and whatnot, most voters of all camps agreed with Obamacare. Cause it never pays off to let at least 15% of the country unprotected for health emergencies and usually leads to massive payments out of the tax coffers to reimburse the hospitals for ER visits by people that cannot pay the bills.
      It was just the label that they were told to hate, that they despised.

      If you want broad support, don’t allow them to tag a label onto it and call it disastrous, tell the populace WHAT your package means and how it will support them or others like them!

    1. @Mark S educate yourself before start spouting off in defense of turdrump. BTW google the word dictator. Appears you’re as illiterate as turdrump!

    2. @Tvjunkieful12 Thank you! Sorry to say but your information is wasted on Mark S if he can even read!

    3. @Candee Gallagher Having read some of the other statements he has left here, it seems to me the problem isn’t his ability to read, but the limited to the Trump propaganda machinery sources of information he has read and heard. Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News and many other right wing extremist talk radio hosts, bloggers and more spread and repeat Trump lies and fake news across the U.S. – even helped by Russian bots on occassions. I have to say it is a mystery to me how all of a sudden Russia is being so adored by Republicans, as has been the case in Trump’s years in the White House. Not even when Trump took Putin’s word over the findings of the entire U.S. intelligence service, and shamed the U.S. in a press conference in Helsinki did it cause any significant reaction in the Republican party.

  5. djt cheats, steals, lies and fleeces his supporters and his supporters still see him as their deity🤷

    1. @James Martinez I dont see that. Most ppl are indifferent to Biden. A few ppl hate Biden because they think supporting their candidate means they must hate Biden. Biden isnt really popular. He could not have won against any candidate except Trump. Trump drove ppl into Biden’s hands.

    2. I bet he’s losing support from many of them except those who are not reasoning people. Anyone with awareness is now understanding he’s for their good and the good of all.

  6. And 37 years later we’re still waiting on Reagan’s “trickle down economics” to trickle down to us. McConnell will tell us to “be patient, and just give it another 37 years”.

    1. @Michael Bray yeah, it just works. Prices and wages are set by demand, people are free to take a job or not, employers are free to hire or not. Companies have to produce a good product at a reasonable price point and competition produces a price quality equilibrium. It all works based on human nature. Not something humans created.

      Sort of like the laws of physics,

    2. @Michael Bray see you don’t understand economics. When you buy twinkies that money pays wages and expenses of every person and entity that worked to get those twinkies into your hands. From the CEO at the top to the maintenance workers that keep the bakery floor clean.

    3. @Jay Carlson humans created economics. Humans created “the laws of physics” both of which are right until someone proves they are not quite so right after all are they?
      Economics is an entirely artificial construct. Like phrenology…

    4. @Jay Carlson no one is debating that point. What they are debating is that all the profit should go to the investors/managerial elites and then they decide how it “trickles down” onto the majority of the workforce.
      The temptation is to break up unions, pay the least wage, withhold benefits and most damagingly…lobby government to enact legislation and tax law to benefit those individuals and not the workforce (ie the corporate elites over the producers).
      It becomes crony capitalism, which blows your theory of pure capitalism just magically working for all. No…the system is gamed for those with wealth to buy influence and favourable legislation to get more wealth begetting more power.
      That is how American economics currently functions.
      Go back to the laboratory if you want to continue spouting the grand theory of capitalist economic theory.
      The reality in America is not that…
      You don’t get a Jeff Bezos with the Pureness of economic theory that you are attempting to pontificate about.

  7. Mitch still cannot understand that he isn’t the line leader of his kindergarten class anymore:)

    1. @Sherry Telle
      Love it Sherry…thanks:)
      I use to be a preschool and kindergarten teacher.

    1. He has such a sour face, although the time I saw him laugh once was totally scary. I don’t use the word ‘evil’, but I make an exception for mitch.

  8. Hilarious – Mitch McConnell is worried about spending. When did that happen? Oh right, on January 6th.

    1. Na Mitch worries are his wife family shipping company that give them millions read up on how much his wife family has given them last time read was 25 million there all crooked

    2. @Stephen Smith Every one new this Dictatorship party was coming excipient the ones that that believe there lies

  9. The last cries of the gop dinosaurs are falling on deaf ears. They had their time in the public sun and did their extensive damage.

    1. The party is turning away from the Corporate World politicians of Moscow Mitch and more to the insanity that is Marjorie Taylor Greene and Josh Hawley.

    1. @Scipio Africanus Remember that when 2022 gets hear. We will see if he is still on his back.

    2. @Joseph Bullock close minded? The last and pretty much the only Democrat that did not show closed mindedness was Bill Clinton. Of course that is because the Republicans held the House. So, I can only remember one time Obama voted with the Republicans and the democrats went ballistic on him. Have you looked at the Democrat leftest agenda? Please tell me where their open mindedness shows?

  10. 🤦🏾‍♂️… Now we have to prepare for “these” Republicans to try and cheat even harder through “their” voter suppression… ✊🏻✊🏿✊🏽✊🏼✊🏾

    1. @atombond exactly and the mlb pulled out of Georgia only for Colorado, which has similar voting laws. And let’s not get started on how all this happened the same week they renewed the contract with tencent games which is a direct company of the CCP. Go ahead democrats, try and call a bluff, won’t change the fact that MLB, JOE BIDEN, and the people who support Joe Biden, are all pawns of the CCP.

    1. @Jay CarlsonGlad you asked. Google ‘Still confused about masks? Here’s the science behind how face masks prevent coronavirus‘
      Scroll down to the second heading—‘What evidence do we have that wearing a mask is effective in preventing Covid-19?’ There are links in the article that are also useful in explaining this.
      Hope that helps.

    2. @Ray Stanczak Ok slave, just two more weeks right? Keep trusting the institutions and their leaders and directing your blame towards the common man that wants to put food on his table, the highly powerful and influential elites that truly control this world definitely have your best interests at heart.

    1. Trump promised jobs and tax breaks for the middle class, a massive infrastructure bill, repeal and replace with a bigger better healthcare bill and the “big beautiful wall”. The spoiled, skanky bankruptcy king and so called billionaire pretended to be a man of the people. Instead corporate America got a massive tax break, no infrastructure bill, no “best healthcare bill in history”, no jobs returned from overseas, and his tariff war severely hurt businesses, farmers, fisherman and consumers. I’d say Biden is the biggest threat Republicans have faced in decades. He’s crushing Republican obstructionism. They don’t even have a platform or policy. They have the Orange Clown and the Moscow Turtle and a bunch of Q nutcases and that is all they have.

    2. Agree, so exciting, makes me want to get up and dance, raising the roof, “McConnell keeps losing”!! Thank you, Jesus!! IMO, there has never been such an EVIL group of individuals as The RepubliKKKan Party, as Anti-American as they come!!!

    3. @Calvin Bright Well stated. Facts show that the GOP has been a disaster for the country and most citizens.

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