New Jersey councilwoman Eunice Dwumfour fatally shot near home | USA TODAY

A New Jersey borough councilwoman was found shot to death in her vehicle near her home, according to police.

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Eunice Dwumfour, a New Jersey borough councilwoman, was found shot to death in her vehicle near her home Wednesday night, authorities said. Gunshots were reported around 7:22 p.m. in Sayreville, a borough in New Jersey's Middlesex County, according to Middlesex County Prosecutor Yolanda Ciccone and Sayreville Police Chief Daniel Plumacker.

When Sayreville police officers arrived, they found Dwumfour in her vehicle with multiple gunshot wounds. She was pronounced dead at the scene, authorities said.

“She was a 30-year-old woman. To have this happen in such a tragic way, I mean, our hearts are just broken and everybody wants an answer,” said Karen Bailey Bebert, the local GOP chairwoman who served as her campaign manager. “So we’re waiting with bated breath.”

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  1. Clearly the lady in the beginning forgot that they found that dead girl on the side of the highway out there, obviously these things DO happen out there…

  2. Things like that don’t happen over here new Jersey has a high murder rate so yeah it does happen

  3. Terrible. It sounds like a targeted hit. Her car was parked in a parking space and they said she was shot multiple times. I read another article that said the FBI was involved and that the suspect was still at large.

  4. Could be case of mistaken identity. Hitman was looking for another attractive black Republican councilwoman.

  5. If she’s a councilwoman, what city was this in? Nevermind, Sayreville. But why not mention the city in the title?

    1. @Mary Okaaaaaaaaaaaay you can go with that. I reserve the right to strongly disagree. —- 1st amendment. *Remove the guns from among us*

    2. @Gregory Bacher the militia doesn’t mean police or military, look up the definition, neither police nor military fit the description. The militia is the checks and balance to the police and military such as Congress is to the Senate and the Senate is to the President.

    3. @loganbaileysfunwithtrains Okaaaaaaay . You go with that. U do have at least a GED I hope? *Remove the guns from among us* — pass it on

    4. @Gregory Bacher There are two kinds of people in the US. The first kind think that the government can fix our problems through continual, massive legislating of everything in our lives. The second half (me and 50 percent of others) believe that the government is the problem, and has, in fact, become so large and uncontrolled that it poses danger to our lives. Unfortunately, these seem like unreconcilable differences. :((

    5. @Mary Actually I see three. Blue, Red, and Orange. We did quite well without the orange thank you, and will do so again.

  6. I’m surprised they covered this

    They’ll hurry up and try to bury this once they discover that her killer did so over politics.

  7. crazy how people can protest the death of criminals and try to defund police when there is so many innocent lives lost on a daily basis

  8. Sad . Sickening young beautiful articulate women. Sick,hateful murder! I hope the police catch the criminals soon.

  9. News flash…when things actually are happening over there …..then things happen over there. The first place place that comes to mind where things like this happen ? Shazam ,right where you ARE , saying things like this don’t happen here. Wrong they do ! And just did ! Gotta love the “ people on the street “ comments and wisdom “ ????

  10. A lot of black women are being shot for no reason. It usually ends up being a current or former boyfriend, unfortunately.

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