New measures coming to Ontario as COVID-19 cases surge, Ford considering new state of emergency 1

New measures coming to Ontario as COVID-19 cases surge, Ford considering new state of emergency


Colin D'Mello has the latest from Queen's Park, where officials are scrambling to try to contain rising COVID-19 numbers.

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  1. Ford and Treadue Monsef need to live on the street for a winter with less then 1000 see how they like street life

    1. @matthew d not true they offered me 65 dollars a mounth that all they would do so i would rather live off the land they refusded to help me it was in2013 i have proof

  2. Scars about the uk variation how ever we still won’t close the border. Makes sense keep international travel open and blame Canadians for the outcome

    1. probably cause the aviation industry is fucked and they need it open or else they’ll require more government bailouts.. bailouts the gov’t can’t afford right now.

  3. Cutting work hours is as boneheaded as a curfew. How do either reduce the risk of contraction? All it does is contract the economy. Nothing open anyways in the evenings for a curfew to make a difference and if you go to work, well you’ve done gone to work. Leaving early is kinda too late.

    1. the only thing open in evenings is struggling restaurants offering takeout/delivery basically. f in chat for those…

  4. well lockdowns haven’t worked, and obviously are not working. so what we really need is: more lockdowns? if we keep doing what we’re doing, we’ll keep getting what we’re getting.

    1. @The noob 6868 lock yourself up and throw away the key. Do the world a solid. You’re a bag of hammers bud.

    2. They need Rapid testing done by the Private sector we pay and if we test positive at that level then we get the public test to confirm.
      We won’t get vaccines in time.

    1. Increase cases means they are cranking the pcr test past 30 amplification which is the wrong way to use it. Anything past 35-40 will make anyone get a galse positive…says Fauci, CDC, WHO and Dr. Andrew Kauffman since last March.

  5. I’m convinced they could keep this going until we are all starving in our homes and we still wouldn’t put up a fight. We are beyond pathetic.

  6. PCR’s at 40 cycles, predictive models painting castles in the air. It’s always been about power, and tricking you into giving away yours.

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