New Mexico Democrat reportedly targeted by failed GOP candidate responds to arrest

Solomon Peña, a former Republican New Mexico House of Representatives candidate who police say claimed election fraud after his defeat, was arrested by an Albuquerque SWAT team in connection with a string of recent shootings that damaged homes of local Democratic elected leaders, city police said. CNN's Kaitlan Collins speaks to one of the victims Adriann Barboa. #CNN #News


    1. @Dakota the plumber   yeah trying to convince someone to “find” votes is infact an attempt to undermine democracy. Not sure why you decided to make a comment about me supporting someone’s incest but I don’t. Flatly.

    2. @Reptiliangold15 no I was saying that trump asking to find 11000 votes was an attempt to undermine democracy the obamna comment was a joke to poke fun at the person detracting from an actual quote as compared to actually contributing something anything to the coversation.

    1. I mean some old fart with dementia got elected for president 🤷 don’t sound to far fetched in this cracked out world

    2. @Reptiliangold15 better than a psychopath who didn’t get his way so he decides to infringe on people’s votes by targeting elected officials. What he did was far worse than anything Biden has ever done. Trying to assassinate elected officials is a threat on democracy. He should get the death penalty for treason

    3. @Reptiliangold15 first the insurrection and now targeting elected officials, you Trumplicans are getting very bold….. time for these weak democratic voters to stop being cowards and start learning how to use a gun.

    1. @Ligma Johnsonthat’s the thing, as long as Republicans are the party of crazy people the Democrats don’t have to do anything impressive. Until the MAGA movement is put to rest no one should consider voting for a Republican.

    2. @lberghaus Antifa and blm are leftists and they destroyed cities before January 6th,.more.kuves were and they caused way more damage.So no one should vote for democrats until this whole liberal administration steps down also I guess. There’s crazy people on both sides.

    3. @Ligma Johnson Actually they are.If the Republicans werent there it would do so much better.Its ok sweetheart, there is still a home for idiots somewhere.

    4. @Ultimate Music what are you talking about? Shut up you moron 😂 go back to sucking off your drag queen boyfriend

    1. I would like to meet up with you Democrats. You should be afraid of what will happen should America go into civil war. All of you will be target practice. #ICantWaitForIt

    1. @John B bud you can live in your false equivalency bubble all you want!! Trying to compare or defend these things just makes you look like a blown out moron

    2. This country needs a political enigma!! Truly independent people take a look at everything in politics for the last 20-30 years and literally go through every topic, argument and hit job put on political opponents and end this false equivalency bullshit for good

    3. @S Goody isn’t that the point of the media, except now the media is in bed with the same people they’re supposed to be regulating

    4. @Reptiliangold15 The media is now unfortunately not forced to only give news. No opinion show or news station should be allowed in any way shape or form to push viewers in any direction except the direction of the truth.

      The noise started then got louder and louder once they found out you can not only get voters to believe what you want but you can make money as well!!

  1. You can expect many more of these to come – paid and approved by Gaetz, Boebbert, MGT..and basically almost any conservative in USA if opportunity presents itself.

    1. @Samppa Sam Republican platform is totally built on racism and hate so what are you talking about? The media only reports it and Republicans get mad about it just like Putin trying to silence media in Russia. Its the only thing Republicans do. They do ZERO for the American working people.

  2. So, this guy had 19 felonies including burglary, larceny, contributing to the delinquency of a minor, and more. And even though the republican voters all knew this about him, he was still their first choice to represent them. This says as much about the people who vote republican as it does for the people they vote for.

  3. I’ve heard the term, “ReTHUGlican” tossed around, but this guy literally exemplifies that. What a mental case. No wonder he chose that side to try to represent. Just plain “Yikes!” 🫣

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