1. let em fly home shut the borders and save canadians lives.they are supposed to stay home any way,and like most mericans give an inch they will take a mile like it was owed to them

    1. Or maybe just annex Western Canada huh Bernie Bro , You and Your milkshakes going to stop the 101st ?

  2. Can y’all add some voice to the video? Or, do something about the last 20s cause I can’t read through the overlay 🤦‍♀️

    1. If caught they can be banned from entering Canada, fined up to $750k and up to six months in jail!

    2. Gavin Millar oh thank you I didn’t see the fine part or jail part thank you for putting your comment up.

    1. Yeah 15 million Americans are desperately waiting to enter Canada.
      Come on morons wake up.
      You are being played.

    2. U C actually no. We see them everywhere, even in Toronto……how the hell do you get to Alaska from Toronto? They need to stay in their own country where they will only spread there. They have the same forms of transportation as we do…..planes, boats, etc., etc., etc. They can use that

    3. U C you do know we can identify Americans right the have plates on there vehicles dummy. So no we’re not being played sorry you live in a country where all a sudden everything is fake.

  3. About time, what about boats heading into Victoria bc, I was down there last week and counted at least 30 American plates and numerous yachts in the harbour

    1. @lost moose Wow, it is crazy that so many got through. Not cool at all. They should not be able to board to the ferry, from any terminal, especially Port Angeles.

  4. Entry stamp and exit stamp. If they don’t exit at an Alaska crossing or vice versa if traveling home from Alaska, within a stated period of time, arrest and fine them.

    1. @John Hill conservatives are embarrassing failures, enjoy another 5 years of Justin as your prime minister

    2. @John Frylock well the way JT has been throwing taxpayer money around (nothing new to the Liberals) he has either bought another five years or hung himself, a few more Liberal scandals should kill his chances at another term… I hope.

  5. They should have to report at the alaskan border with a time limit, if they dont report at the border then fine them 10k and a 5 year ban from canada, easy.

    1. @Rob Gray yet it crippled the economy worse than any virus before it, id like to get back to work!

    1. U C wow you Americans get so upset, maybe now that you guys can’t enter Mexico they will finally pay for that wall. It will just be to keep you out.

    1. Han Purple Late?The American mindset will keep it in there country for years millions will die.Except for trade keep Canadian borders closed we live on the edge of insanity.This will baffle 40% of Americans,so does Mexico.

  6. Meanwhile, is the illegal point of entry into Canada closed? You know the Roxham Rd. crossing that has been allowing asylum seekers from the USA to gain illegal entry into Canada, so they can take advantage of our system here. Why is is Global is worried about a few vacationers when the real problem is in Quebec.

  7. It about damm time! Keep the Americans in America PLEASE! Why are they coming here to Canada anyway? Close the border indefinately with the exception of ONLY goods coming in and out of both countries.

    1. I say close it to truckers too. They can stop at the border and inspect and sign over responsibility for the trailer to a Canadian trucker and vice versa. That way, trade continues, truckers keep their jobs, no one has to cross the border and we keep Canadian truckers safe. If every other industry has had to change how they conduct business, why shouldn’t the transport industry?

    1. TenBuckCanuck nobody wants to come to your country because it’s boring and expensive! other than Niagara Falls ,some nice scenery in the Rockies an average but overpriced ski resort in BC you have very little to offer for a country of that size as regards tourism,
      Your cities are Soulless and generic, domestic air travel is extortionate, and cost of accommodation is sky high, so by banning citizens of a country you are almost completely dependent would achieve absolutely nothing

    2. @TenBuckCanuck Umm Cuba is super cheap because Americans aren’t allowed to go there. They would be richer if they could. And believe me, you can’t really tell the difference between a Canadian and American. We are both fat lazy nations full of takers.

    3. @TheLOLGINGER no one on this planet is like Murkins…no one is as fat, as loud , as ignorant or as annoying. No one wants you…no one likes you and absolutely no one wants you in their country. You are truly despised the world over…fact.

  8. They should put a GPS tracking tag to follow every single one. We all know how many lummoxes come from the danger zone. Trust?… zero.

  9. Ask them show proof of residency and put a “bill” of $10000 or an employers guarantee of the same amount.

    Only when they reach the destination in the stipulated time should the money be given back.
    This will deter such Trumperican’s ….

  10. Yeah like that is going to work ….. there is no follow through ….. how many coming through R.R. Have they lost?

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