New Trump Probe Launched: Task Force Member Says 400k Covid-19 Deaths Due To Leadership Failure 1

New Trump Probe Launched: Task Force Member Says 400k Covid-19 Deaths Due To Leadership Failure


The Biden administration is now launching a new taskforce to investigate former president Trump’s dismissal of facts and science while handling the coronavirus. At the same time, Dr. Deborah Birx, the former leader of Trump’s coronavirus task force, is going on the record about how Trump mishandled the federal virus response. MSNBC’s Ari Melber reports on the updates and is joined by journalist Joan Walsh. (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ). Aired on 03/29/2021.
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New Trump Probe Launched: Task Force Member Says 400k Covid-19 Deaths Due To Leadership Failure


    1. She’s lying she said she was going to quit in August, why didn’t she, she had the stage many times, also fauci funds the wahun lab they are both liars.

    2. @Connie Williams, never mind. I really don’t care what you think after reading a few of your previous comments.

    1. When life or your mind expects a linear life, when this linear “life” is absent or not followed by society, your mind feels like it is living blood n CHAOS.

  1. What a hypocrite this Dr. Brick was and still is complicit and not just her everyone that spoke in that investigative report. I’m so upset not that we didn’t know what was happening, but I lost family members because of their lies and lack of action . They allowed our nation to go into chaos, fear and lost of hope

    1. I’m so so sorry for your loss. They are guilty of 2nd-degree murder. I hope and pray at least some of the State’s Attorney Generals (it will be Democrats I’m sure) will bring charges against them.
      They must be held accountable.

    2. We did know. Just had to watch CSPAN…Trump told us while the MSM lied about him trying to figure out a NEW pathogen

    3. When I read your message I scrolled up to see your name and guessed that you were gonna have a Spanish last name, and I was correct.
      Know this: this virus specifically kills people with a specific genome. Since it’s a VIRUS, of course people will get sick and those who are debilitated die. But those who swiftly die tend to have indigenous blood.

  2. Ari, they all failed America, as scientists, as leaders, and as heads of major institutions! Speaking out 1 year later is very problematic, try explaining your silence to the 450,000 families who lost love ones!

    1. @Grey Lazy – and Buyden Briben… sold out America, to China !!!!!!
      Be ready ! Be prepared ! Those demonic democrats will begin burning down entire neighborhoods, AGAIN !!!!!!
      so they can make it easier for China to take-over America !!!!!!

  3. Didn’t she have like 50 people over for thanksgiving while telling everyone to stay isolated – the broad is a fraud

  4. More wasted time on a partisan “investigation” meant to ensure Trump is diminished in 2024. So tired of this garbage.

  5. If the politicians had not been causing so much trouble with this administration, it would have gone a lot better.

  6. Rules for thee but not for me.

    Tell us how you had a huge thanksgiving while scaring/guilting people to not

  7. I find it seriously suspicious that all of these people claim to have known better, even back then, but all failed to do anything about it. It’s easy to SAY that they knew better, back then… What a bunch of frauds.

  8. The idea is that Birx had to bite her tongue in order to keep her position and keep doing good. But what good did she do? How many lives did she save?

  9. Waiting on criminal investigations into alcohol, big pharma, tobacco, the fast food industry, soda industry…Ill wait I didn’t know Trump caused obesity in America, you know, the driving force behind covid deaths and complications? We need to be a nation that values fitness and health over insecure beauty standards and under/over eating!

  10. Masks, distancing, lockdowns. That’s about the reasonable extant. What else are they imagining could have been done.

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