New video shows attack on Lady Gaga's dog walker 1

New video shows attack on Lady Gaga’s dog walker


The Los Angeles Police Department is examining horrifying surveillance video showing two individuals attacking Lady Gaga's dog walker, opening fire on him and then fleeing the scene with the singer's two French bulldogs.
That video is part of the evidence that LAPD detectives are scrutinizing, according to LAPD Officer Mike Lopez.
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    1. Nothing wrong with ‘Dog Walking’. It’s a good, needed and often necessary profession, or gig or favour. A good, efficient, kind and loving Dog Walker is invaluable to the dogs and the humans they help. God Bless Dog Walkers. Please God…please help this Dog Walker out of this horrible situation. Please God, spare his life. Please help him to live, to get well and recover. Please protect the dogs and get them home safely to their loving home.


    3. The dog walker is a friend of Lady Gaga and not an employee. I imagine if she offers half a million for the return of her dogs she will take good care of her friend and really, why oh why would she advertise how much money she would spend to take care of her friend?. That would put a bullseye on his back. Think about it. Have a nice day.

    1. Were you not paying attention to the audio? The dogwalker can clearly be heard shouting no several times! This should make one realise the dogwalker had no intention of handing those dogs over the to kidnappers, hence the reason why he was shot!

    1. @VisualAddict

      Because her first priority should’ve been to her employee the dog walker being shot and now in hospital fighting for his life. If a reward was offered it should’ve been to find the criminals attempted to kill her employee. I love dogs in fact my blue healer lived with me for 17 years. But seriously offering a reward for her dogs? it’s just encouraging more dog kidnappings and possibly more murders of human beings protecting those dogs.

  1. If lady gaga is offering 500k for her dogs’ ransom, I’m really hoping she offers 5 MILLION to the guy who fought to defend those dogs lives.

    1. @Mindy Mae the best part of this triggered rant, is that both I and your cat agree, that your cat would NEVER take a bullet for you. He’d simply find a new parent…one that’s not so snowflakey


    2. @Malik Samari jones people like you are the main reason I’m pro-choice because you are walking billboard of why Roe versus Wade exist. If anyone were to kidnap you trust me there would never be a reward offered a thank-you note yes

    1. @Binary Recoil hes kinda right. No dogs are “kidnapped” for ransom. Either were these dogs. They are stolen so they can be sold.

    2. I was thinking the same thing. She’s not offering the reward for whoever comes forth with the name of the shooters….it’s the return of the .

    3. @WINNING I’ve tried to post the article 3 times YouTube keeps taking it down. Just Google it with suspects in description

    1. @EvolveProgress Biden didn’t attack Syria. He bombed a known terrorist camp inside Syria. trump did the same thing when he assassinated an Iranian general. I bet you didn’t pray for the Iranian people.

    2. @Kurt Tuchscherer Nope,didn’t pray for Iranians,they didn’t weep for Ukranians either when that plane was shot down. The people are innocent,the regime are ASSASSINS,that name is Iranian in origin. Understand that.

    1. I know going after dogs now?,where’s the unity? The love,thought we’d all be singing kumbayaa now together. Nope. Dummies

    2. @carlo negri that is like saying if it happened to trump, it would be good news…Wait, it would be, I’d LOVE it! Everyone would!

    1. If you find the dogs then you can find the shooters! It’s important to show the pics, of the dogs, so that everyone is on alert.

    2. I guess they were after her cuz she was a Biden supporter if thats the case no one is safe i hope im wrong i hope they catch them and her dog walker will be ok

  2. I feel like these guys knew lady Gaga would offer that kinda money. Cause who the f is willing commit a crime like attempted murder for french bulldogs

    1. @madeleine maxwell lol people are starving . It’s literally the sign if a failed state people. She can’t offer 500k for the arrest of two underprivileged black guys it would go against her rich white lady views from the castle

    2. @Featheritbrother I don’t care very much about this specific story or Lady Gaga but from what I understand, she is offering the money for her dogs back, no questions asked. Like any normal person, she wants her dogs not revenge. Offering money for information leading to their arrest wouldn’t get her what she wants, regardless of how you think it would “look”.

    3. @madeleine maxwell so offering money for the people who have her dogs wouldn’t get her dogs back? Did you go to Harvard?

    4. They shot the man in his fri!!ing chest! At close range. What the hell did they think would happen to him!? That is ‘attempted murder’ right from the get go… Feckless pathetic criminals.

  3. People, I’m pretty sure she’s paying for every treatment he needs and will give him a good amount for protecting her dogs

  4. Would have been good to learn that she’s footing all medical bills for the human. Hopefully, not mentioning this caring gesture was a newsroom oversight, as opposed to the other possibility.

  5. the dogwalker getting shot is like the least interesting thing on how they brought the news. Half a million for the stolen dogs but how does the life of the dog walker’s cost?

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