New York City sending migrants to Canadian border | CTV National News

Genevieve Beauchemin reports on New York City apparently sending migrants to Canada to claim asylum.

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  1. This is outrageous. Our government is a joke for allowing this to happen. No wonder Canadians and Legal immigrants are waiting ridiculous amounts of time to get their applications processed. PS could someone check if anyone is working at IRCC mail room in Ottawa? I’ve sent out an application 2 months ago and still haven’t received an acknowledgement of receipt.

    1. @Z Tracks My AOR arrived 3.5 months later after I sent in my documentation. If you have the correct address and you are close to the 3-4 month mark you should Ok !

  2. Don’t bring them here. We are in a massive housing crisis and Canadians are applying for MAID our Country is broken and we want to flee

  3. What happened to him saying New York was a sanctuary city? Once the overflow of illegal immigrants start affecting them then all of a sudden it becomes a problem.

    1. …And the way smaller southern border towns are expected to not consider a much bigger flow of illegal migrants a problem …

  4. NYC mayor should be charged with facilitating a crime and put in jail . Pretty sad doing this & condeming texas for the same thing.

  5. Come on, New York, you ‘re accepting migrants illegally, it’ s your responsibility to do your best, not to give it to Canada.

  6. I have wanted 3 years to come to Canada legally from Somalia, and someone is just crossing the border taking him just one bus ride

    1. @maskers areretarded who told you that ? Are you a spokesman for all Canadians? Keep your mouth shut 😒

  7. What are we doing, letting them tour the world? Sure the more they go country to country, they don’t have to work. They probably haven’t worked in about a year already. Suddenly they want to go here, they want to go there. Maybe they’d like to winter in Hawaii, let’s send them there, after all they must be totally exhausted from all the traveling. A few months laying on the beaches and sipping Pina Coladas should help them out, courtesy of our taxpayers.

  8. Ok this is getting really stupid now. We can’t have an open border in Canada just because America has an open border. Americas immigration issues shouldn’t become Canada’s problem. If New York wants to be a sanctuary state then they need to take care of the migrants instead of shipping them here. This is getting ridiculous. Canadians didn’t vote for an open border. It’s time to shut down Roxham road or at least let Canadians vote on whether we want to leave it open or not. We can’t have a government that cares more about foreigners than Canadian citizens. Enough is enough.

    1. Didn’t many Canadians condemn former President Trump? which is odd given that Mr. Trump was not your president. Anyway, we now have a president with whom many Canadians sympathize … A supporter of illegal immigrants invading our country…. So, what is “wrong” with sending some of those illegal immigrants to Canada?

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