New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo holds coronavirus briefing Friday | USA TODAY 1

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo holds coronavirus briefing Friday | USA TODAY


Gov. Andrew Cuomo provides updates at his daily briefing on the coronavirus pandemic in New York.
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    1. @Peggy Reely it was a simulation held by bill gates of a corona virus months before it happened

    1. That is a knee jerk response my friend. As a nation and a world, we need to be step wise going forward. As a health care provider I do not believe we have seen the worst of this. Not even close. I pray to God I am wrong.

    2. I disagree many more will die from the flu and I still don’t know if the number is accurate for deaths did they do 70,000 autopsys

  1. We have people who are dying every year, in fact two years ago 80,000 people just in this country died from ordinary flu, we didn’t shut economy down back then. Half a million die yearly from ordinary flu worldwide…….. are we going to sacrifice millions of people to grave poverty now because this flu is a little deadlier then the previous one? Let’s look at how many more people will end up ending their lives as a result of this shutdown in the future. This virus is deadly for the elderly and the sick mostly, so let them self isolate and help them do it, don’t punish the whole world! There’s got to be political agenda to the shutdown and probably more then one. There are countries that took precautions but didn’t do the shutdown and they are not doing worse then the counties that did the shutdown, look it up and see the truth.

    1. Joy Everett first of all this is not about making money but about the ability to make a living, second of all, didn’t we just learn that 66% of NY hospitalization are people who stayed home? It’s obvious that staying home is not helping as much as people originally thought. Once again, look up about countries who did not do the shutdown….. the vulnerable need to self isolate, the government must help them isolate, but destroying economy is not the answer. The cure should not be worse then the disease.

    2. d1520682 people must not read what I said at all. I did say that the vulnerable population should self isolate, doctors could give permission to stay home for those who have health conditions but are still in the work force so they could collect unemployment. Government could organize food delivery for them instead of all this nonsense that’s going on right now. I do believe in protecting the vulnerable as much as possible. I believe in social distancing guidelines, even masks although they shouldn’t be mandatory. Personally, I suffocate in a mask after about 20 min, can’t imagine working in one, which means that I couldn’t go back to work until there is no more masks. (I’ve had to quit my job a few months ago for health reasons). A lot of people fell through the cracks and got denied unemployment, a lot of people will not have jobs to go back too. I never said that we should sacrifice the sick and the elderly, I said we can’t destroy economy and that’s what will happen if we keep printing money. Economy will collapse and it will be much worse, there will exploding homeless, hunger, drug use, crime etc. thousands of people will end up dying and are dying right now because they are denied health care, surgeries and cancer treatment. We could argue all day you know.

    3. @Della Hendrickson The economy is in a disaster and I think it makes sense to want to open up again to make sure people have jobs. I just don’t think people realize who is vulnerable and who isn’t. It isn’t just the elderly. You’re 50 with obesity, you’re vulnerable. You’re 20 with asthma, you’re vulnerable. You’re not going to get these people to want to go out and eat. The economy is not going to go back to normal. Not when this virus is running around. Family members of the vulnerable are not going to want to go out, and then bring it home to their parents or kid with asthma. You’re literally back where you started. I just think people don’t realize how dire the situation is and think that if we just stop sheltering in place that the economy is going to be better. A large portion of amercians will still be out of employment, out of healthcare. The government needs to step in and fix these problems while the virus is still out.

    4. d1520682 you are correct about that, and that’s exactly what I meant, it is too late already, millions will not have jobs, their lives are dest (my family may be included), there will be no recovery. Just wanted to let you know, I came here from a communist country long ago, and what is happening right now is the beginning of communism, it is exactly what communism is when government takes over your lives and stripps you of you civil liberty and dictates you what to do and how you have the right to work and tells you that you only have the right to earn a living a certain way. You people don’t see it, but that’s what it is and this is a marshal law even though it’s called something else. This is what they told people back during the Russian revolution in 1917, they were saying that it was done for the benefit of the people, to protect their life and well beeing, so everyone could live well.

      People are getting together in other countries and singing war songs because they recognize what’s going on as an act of war on our liberty and financial well beeing. A lot of people see this just as a beginning, as a training to see how majority will react, and majority is reacting like a herd of sheep. Sorry for that, I meant no desrespect, just stating a fact.

  2. “Live and let Die.” Genocide. Donald Trump’s re-election tour. Freedom is not freedom to infect someone else.

  3. NY Health Department should never have issued an edict requiring nursing homes to accept coronavirus virus patients into nursing home facilities filled with sick, elderly patients — the population most at risk from the killer COVID-19 bug.
    All under the watchful eyes of Governor Cuomo.
    If Governor Cuomo had his parents in any of those nursing Homes he wouldn’t have done it.

  4. I know it was you ,fredos brother who sent all those sick people to nursing homes, nice move.

    1. Andy Cuomo should be responsible for sending infected ppl to nursing homes. For sure he make sure his mother would never into one. Andy whinned about shortage in every supply he never replaced. Andy the hospital ship allegedly a mistake was made and almost a dozen infected peoplewhich was supposed to have been used for regular hospital he also had per President Trump almost 3,000 bachelor party in the javits center adodo used under a thousand, he whinned for 40000 under 10000 you use of that so I hope smart people will remember this and that they will not vote for him again

  5. There is no vaccine for this virus as we are all aware. Sweden seems to be going for herd immunity…yep let the chips fall where it may attitude is wrong! I think the wearing of masks in enclosed or some public spaces will help….I work in an outpatient unit and since the patients and staff have started wearing the mask we have not had and new cases…so we don’t have all the answers but where there is life there is hope and I hope we get a vaccine that works very soon.

    1. j triplej the death rate in sweden and brazil, where there is no lock down, is almost Zero. in Brazil 10,000 died in a country with 210 million people, thats 0.0047% of the population. its not a deadly pandemic, its as harmless as the flu.

  6. Check Sweden and Brazil where they dont have lock downs, the death rate from corona is almost zero, its 0.0047% in Brazil. This is not a deadly pandemic, but a deadly hysteria

    1. Monica M Oh really..? Would you mind sharing a link to an official statistic that indicates a 6% death rate in Brazil, liar?

  7. IHME is not “one of the most accurate models”… it has seriously flawed assumptions that lead to outputs that are too conservative

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