New York gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin attacked during speech | USA TODAY

New York gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin attacked during speech | USA TODAY 1


  1. He’s not in custody, he was released ‘on his own recognizance’
    This was basically an attempted political assassination, and he’s out?

  2. I do not want to see or hear of anyone being hurt for public speaking. Please let PEOPLE share.
    You càn agree or disagree. Let people share

  3. How about it was politicized because it was POLITICAL! Not to reinforce any claims he has made about New York’s violence. What a disingenuous, biased piece of reporting on something extremely straightforward.

  4. The guy was just released from jail with NO BOND. That’s one of the reason we need Zelden in NY.

    1. Actually, its so fast that you are missing it….you gotta watch as soon as the guy walks up that knife is coming at his neck but he grabs his hand. Watch it again. It’s fast.

    2. Your comment is funny tho cuz I thought the same damn thing at first but my boyfriend had me watch it again with fresh eyes and I indeed do see that the representative on stage pretty much almost got rocked.

  5. it wasnt politicized, it proved the point that rep zeldin is running on. that new york is a pile and needs work……

  6. “Politicized” bro you thought the guy just randomly felt like attacking a random guy for no reason? OK

  7. Hell I don’t know what to believe the way this guy walked up there was slick if it was a real attempt, but it could be staged who knows. I do know the guy with the knife was released without parole so until I learn more this seems like a real attempt.

  8. You’ve got to be kidding me they. Let this guy out. It was just 2 weeks ago the Japanese pm was assasinated

  9. Why didn’t he have a security team blocking access to the stage? Also, I don’t see a sharp object in the guy’s hand.

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