New Zealand family barely escapes through Cyclone Gabrielle floodwaters | USA TODAY #Shorts

A mother-of-five filmed the tense moment her family was threatened by strong floodwaters while evacuating Cyclone Gabrielle in Omahu, New Zealand.

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The New Zealand government has declared a national state of emergency after Cyclone Gabrielle battered the country’s north in what officials described as the nation’s most severe weather event in years.

Authorities said a firefighter is missing and another has been rescued with critical injuries after they were caught in a landslide Monday night near the country’s largest city, Auckland.

Auckland was swamped two weeks ago by a record-breaking storm that killed four people. Weather conditions eased on Tuesday as the weather system tracked over the ocean southeast from New Zealand.

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    1. Perhaps, a worse storm was coming towards her and her family and she was trying to get to a safer place. You don’t want to be stranded especially w/kids w/o food & fresh water. NZ is beautiful but there are long stretches of basic wilderness between town, cities, and such. The climate can vary from subtropic to subantarctic depending where you are. I literally remember visiting and it briskly changed sunny/dewy to dark/storming/flooding. If you look ahead of her she was heading towards the city and was trying to make it to the bridge before it flooded. You can literally be stranded for several days if certain roads or bridges flood.

    2. ​@DankhippieJumps Yea, in the US, we also have flash floods too. 🙂🙃 We also have the largest population of ignorant folks. 😉

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