Newly-released emails debunk Trump claim about Mar-a-Lago documents

When the General Services Administration prepared to ship pallets of material to Florida for former President Donald Trump in July 2021, the federal agency asked Trump aide Beau Harrison to affirm what was in the boxes being shipped. The email exchange between GSA officials and Harrison is one of more than 100 pages of emails and documents newly released by the GSA that debunk claims from Trump and his allies that the government agency is to blame for packing the boxes containing classified documents that were later recovered by the FBI during the search of his Mar-a-Lago resort in August. #CNN #News


    1. There is literally only one other who would: A foreign spy. So, yeah Traitor or spy; Personally I think trump is both,

    2. @Dave Waldon Then you’re not an American who is concerned that our constitution is being torn down,our justice system is crumbling and the rest of the world is losing confidence in our ability to be anything close to an ally in a crisis.
      Do you think that those things are not important to the smooth running of our country? Maybe the things you think are more important would be a part of our lives if the powers that are supposed to work for us would do the job they swore to do without being part of the criminal group that’s trying to take the country down.
      By the way, Mr. Biden doesn’t have dementia. He does however have a lot of political experience. That’s something TFG was sorely lacking.

    3. @Saundra Coveal I’m wondering the same thing about this creep we getting sick and tired of this liar.

  1. The fact that he still had documents proves he had knowledge of his lawyer lying in the signed statement that he’d returned everything

    1. @Cornelius Gal Nope, indictments are coming. Let idiots get arrested. He’s admitted to wrongdoing, incriminating himself.

  2. The truth only matters to those who wish to know it. All the data, information and evidence mean nothing to those that don’t.

  3. Who would’ve thought that there would be ANOTHER excuse? If one lie doesn’t stick, they’ll try another, when that doesn’t work, we’ll, try another, and another and another. The lies never end with rethuglicans.

  4. I know this is a stupid analogy but can you imagine if Trump found out that one of his employees, upon being fired, had simply packed everything in his desk and office into boxes and took them with him? Trump would scream “Those belong to me! Those are sensitive documents!” I do wonder though, what Presidents are required to sign after they are sworn in…like when I’m hired and have to sign confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements. It seems they have to sign something to the effect that all documents created during the administration are the property of the US Govt.

    1. @Cornelius Gal Every former federal Article II office holder who wrote memoirs — and let’s be honest on the subject of TFG’s incompetence in the English language and overall illiteracy! — did so under the very same law and regs and restrictions regarding government documents.

      The former officer makes an agreement with the NA and the NA organizes and maintains resources in a location which is convenient for the officer. The officer has access on an agreed upon basis while the Government’s personal property is protected.

      Any grammar school kid could set up a situation exactly like this for both protecting toys from pilferage and theft while sharing them with others.

    2. @Cornelius Gal Got any credible, reliable, verifiable, replicable, objective and source-referenced FACTS which support those allegations and conclusions?

      I thought not.

    1. I know. It’s the same stuff year after year. I am more concerned about the the state of the current economy and Biden’s obvious Dementia

    2. @J 5 I’m worried about ww3 and nuke threats who really cares about archives missing of trumps presidency.

    1. @Emma Willard I wasn’t referring to the NY civil case. I meant in any possible criminal case he couldn’t do it in reference to any statement he’s made publicly. And every time he opens his mouth in public that can be seen as an admission of guilt it can be used against him in court

    2. @Francis Hurley Absolutely. TFG, who damages himself every time he opens his mouth and admits to his serial criminal behavior, is a prosecutor’s dream: provides prima facie evidence of guilt by the ton!

      Anyone who witnessed the admissions can lay the foundation for admission into evidence. I’m looking forward to seeing an attorney absolutely tongue-tied if any effort is exerted at cross examination. Only alternative: “No questions.”

    3. @Lunasent He can plead the 5th all he likes, his public statements are recorded. He publicly admited he thinks he owns the documents.

  5. Of course he had to select and choose what to take…
    Are GSA employees just going to go through his office and throw classified folders in with newspaper clippings and scraps on their own? That’s ridiculous.

    1. 700k views . Less then 10k likes . Probably 100k dislikes . People are tired of seeing trump on cnn every day .. Biden is the president. Speak on him.. this is the reason I’m unsubscribed to cnn and refuse to turn it on my tv

  6. YOU CANNOT MAKE THIS STUFF UP!! There is ALWAYS an excuse and no one who has been accused as much as he could be that INNOCENT…

    1. Yes. As an American. I am more concerned about the the state of the current economy and Biden’s obvious Dementia

  7. All this evidence we are hearing about Trumps crimes should be heard by the court of law because he should be charged.

  8. Thank you for correcting the ridiculous comment from the ex about how the government got the materials back. And for saying it was a lawfully executed search warrant. Cringe every time I hear that as a raid.

  9. It is consistently amazing—that the worst American in history has such profound mindcontrol over our dumbest half, even after everything we have witnessed for the last ~12 years. Truly frightening and truly sad.

  10. As a Swiss citizen, I am baffled and deeply troubled with which impunity Trump goes on lying publicly every day. How is this possible in a country where rule of law should exist, be the norm and all citizens should be hold accountable for their actions?

    1. Although America likes to portray themselves as a modern society with laws and rules of conduct, as most things in America, it’s just facade and in real life, its closer to the wild wild west.

    2. @TheJimprez you might wanna try deposing Allatolah Trudeau instead of worrying over an ex-president like CNN does than ever do real journalism

  11. And how would the GSA even have access to the High security clearance docs, especially the ones that were only supposed to be viewed in a small room by specific eyes?

    1. Your’e right, if the GSA knew what was in those boxes; they wouldn’t have touched them. In fact they would have notified the proper agency. Specifically National Archives.

  12. If the DOJ wants to know who was involved… arrest him already!! He will throw everyone under the bus to get a lower sentence!!!

  13. Imagine if our criminal justice system allowed any suspect to come up with a laundry list of excuses, one after the other, each conflicting the last, all over an indefinite amount of time, until the clock simply runs out.

    1. Whatever happens, the DOJ must be, by their refusal to carry out their job, be considered complicit. There will no doubt be lives lost because of their delay by the time this is all over.

  14. Misdirection is a HUGE word. Even if the FBI packed the boxes and shipped ’em by FedX, why would Trump keep ’em? We all have a duty to mitigate mistakes, not exacerbate them. The next day, he should have called the Archives and said, “Oh GOD! I got the wrong stuff. Come and get it! Please.” The only reason we wanna know who packed ’em is that they are at least a witness and maybe an accomplice to his ongoing treason!

    1. @denell dawson he WASN’T “raided”. That’s how these lies work. Gets repeated so much now even you are repeating it.

    2. And he has now said at his latest rally that the documents belong to him. Last week it was they were planted. Next week it will be he wrote every single one by copperplate hand.. 🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️

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