NewYork-Presbyterian CEO Explains Decision To Mandate Covid-19 Vaccine

President and CEO of NewYork-Presbyterian hospital system, Dr. Steven Corwin, joined Chris Jansing to explain his decision to mandate the Covid-19 vaccine for all staff amid backlash against vaccination requirements at hospitals around the country. He says the move is all about safety and "it should not be a partisan issue."

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NewYork-Presbyterian CEO Explains Decision To Mandate Covid-19 Vaccine


    1. @Christopher Jones How about you move to China and us proud Americans will stand up for our rights.

    2. @Crow Friend. Crows can’t stand up for their rights. We don’t need animals voting. We barely let people do that these days

    1. @David Analyst 2.5 Billion people are ignorant morons taking medical advice from activists on so-called “news” networks with ZERO medical training.

    2. @David Analyst We will see how this plays out in a couple years.
      Not sure what to think of this.
      I am not an anti-vaxxer by any stretch.
      I don’t trust any of this.
      There has been way too much inconsistency form Fauci, WHO, and CDC.
      I have seen with my own eyes, hospitals that are ghost towns while the news claimed there were close to the breaking point.
      It does not add up to me .
      Call me crazy.

    3. @TheBlueStig you mean people with medical degrees who appear on those networks? Not everyone can get a medical degree from Facebook like you and brag about it…

    4. @pauliescott and when exactly did they let you wander into Covid wards? Where even families weren’t allowed?🤔

    5. @E E I live across the street from a major Los Angeles area hospital.
      It was empty…the whole time.
      My aunt is an ER nurse near Yale Univ.
      She told me the wards were empty.

    1. @MrEkzotic no, abortion is not murder, and they are clumps of cells. and it is not your business what any other person does about a pregnancy. Why don’t you focus on the millions of kids starving, homeless, abused and unwanted in this world???

    2. @Thomas Beatty he should have the same choice as everyone else. Same as flu vaccines. The vaccine works RIGHT. So they will be ok, even if 30% choose not to. Remember just because they haven’t had the vaccine doesn’t mean they have covid and are spreading it.

    3. @Charlie Kendall Having carried 2 babies I feel qualified to say they were living human beings. I used to believe in women making the right decision. I don’t anymore. God bless you.

    4. @Cptlsthipi You May feel it is your duty as a good uninformed liberal to abide and obey this mandate…..’forcing’ is taking away everything if you don’t comply. That IS FORCING someone to do something against their will. Abortion is the killing of a baby in the womb, if that is not the case….try robbing an eagle’s nest of it’s eggs, it is a federal crime….because there are baby eagles in those eggs. Requiring a woman to have an abortion, perform or take part in an abortion, or pay for an abortion with tax money is the same thing as FORCING!!!!

    1. They won’t do anything, in fact the SCOTUS usually sides with big business which conservative leaders like McConnell and Trump promoted as the most recent 3 justices were sworn in.

    2. Exactly what they want. Notice it hasn’t gone yet. Once they pack and stack it your freedoms will be gone. Notice they already rule as they want. Roberts and some others are paid for. Owned. Why else do you think he keeps making all these weird rulings. Justices they hate like Scalia get murdered. Make no mistake Scalia was taken out.

      The only way all this ends is if people are willing to die for their freedom. Be willing to pick up a weapon of any kind and defend your individual freedom. It’s coming.

      Are you ready?

  1. well the hospital is liable for any complications or deaths…but don’t worry nurses and docs build your own coalition…leave…because something these evil people cannot take from you is your faith and your gift of care and compassion for others!

  2. Are people actually this dumb? Bring on the law suits and get ready for people to boycott any business or service that mandates vaccinations.

  3. So did he require a flu vaccination before all this started? Or is he trying to meet a government goal so that he can get a tax break. Yeah, right in front of our faces.

  4. If an employee had a mild case of covid and now tests positive for antibodies, this fool will fire someone with natural immunity because they won’t take a vaccine they do not need? This medical CEO is not “following the science”.

    1. Exactly. He said something about showing “the safety profile” and I thought OK do it! But he can’t. There isn’t any proof of safety.

  5. What a joke! Everyone knows the worst place to be if you want to be healthy is in a hospital. Don’t pretend you want mandatory vaccinations, because you want people to be safe in hospitals.

  6. I don’t know but, school policies stated that your child can not be at school without theirs vaccinations. Also, you can not travel to some countries if you don’t have some specific vaccine So, I guess is possible for companies to tell people no Covid vaccine no work. Just thinking 🤔

  7. Can the employee collect unemployment? Technically, they’re being forced out. Something is extremely wrong when a vaccine that is “Emergency Use” can cost someone their job and the public are willingly overlooking that fact.

  8. Why don’t the “sick patients” get vaccinated?! They are at “risk”. Not healthy persons under 65. We are 6 months into a real life real time trial of several vaccines we have no clue what the adverse side effects could be?! I understand all the hesitancy.

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