NIA: Code of Conduct for All Parliamentarians | TVJ News - Sept 18 2021 1

NIA: Code of Conduct for All Parliamentarians | TVJ News – Sept 18 2021


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  1. Look at it he needs to be charged and fined in a court of law and be released from his job one law for the poor and another for the rich god help ous

  2. I don’t understand why when it comes down to treating with a case such as the one recorded in the video, it takes a lot of “looking into and investigation” when they CLEARLY violated the health protocols and broke the law. This is why I’m never impressed, these days, when policemen arrest locals or other residents. This is a form of INJUSTICE!

  3. Of course, Floyd Green and every single person in that video should be arrested and fined for these breaches. Period!!!!

  4. he should be treated as how they would treat us he should be charged for every breaches and if him nuh get charged dem need fi mek the judge throw out everyone that breaches the curfew and other breaches period nuh excuses

  5. Was it another councillor or MP who promised to thump Lisa Hanna in her face. SMH and this person is representing the people of JA. There needs to be some code of conduct. If you said that to a fellow employee you would be fired by the boss.

  6. What’s shocking is that there ISN’T a Code of Conduct. All animals are equal – except that here, some animals think they are more equal than others…. You would have thought that, as representatives of the people, elected by the people, paid with the peoples taxes, they would have had a higher level of thinking. Obviously Not …. and why are we, the voters who elect these so-called officials, not surprised….that’s why voting has fallen in this country, the very quality of the people who put themselves forward to represent Jamaicans, both on a National and International level, prove woefully inadequate for the task.

  7. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely ! The absence of a viable/electable PNP has apparently caused Holiness to feel invincible ! We how Usain got rich,there are some people/politicians are living large that their tax returns cannot verify or does not compute with reality ! It’s a big problem, your tax returns must compute with your earnings or you made to give account, no exceptions !

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