Nicolle Wallace: It Shouldn’t Take Courage To Admit Trump’s Wrongdoing, Just Common Sense | MSNBC

Nicolle Wallace: It Shouldn't Take Courage To Admit Trump's Wrongdoing, Just Common Sense | MSNBC 1


  1. The sad thing is if el trumpski had a D behind his name the republicans would have already held the vote and he would be out! SDNY would be preparing to arrest him!

    1. @Jim Breedlove NO DEM WOULD DEFEND A PUTIN’S PET….

    2. @Jim Breedlove That’s where you’re completely wrong. A lot of democrats right now are calling out Biden’s lies & stupidity. There were democrats who supported impeachment of Clinton for a frickin BJ.

    3. @Jim Burig *****
      Trump was well aware Democrats wouldn’t give him the time of day, which is why he ran as a Republican. And the Republicans all hated him until they were stuck with him as the nominee. I honestly believe that’s why Paul Rayn bailed. He just couldn’t stomach having to work with him and defend the indefensible.

    4. @everything4004 *****
      Articles filed: Abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. They would have also thrown in obstruction of justice if they weren’t still waiting for Don McGahn’s case to work it’s way through the court. They sued to have their supboena for McGahn enforced last April.

    1. @shkspr78 s I’ll bet money you do not know any of the constitutions of the U.S. because if you did know you would not be on here spewing your bs. Consider yourself Un-American like your unconstitutional potus.

    2. @shkspr78 s ******
      Who’s the first to incite violence? I can’t tell you how many times Trump cultists have expressed how they’d like to hang, shoot, or execute anyone who’s not a right-winger. Not too long ago I had a man tell me they were going to find my body parts in separate states. I reported him. I don’t know if he’s still on youtube or not. You’re the one with the wet brain.

  2. Nicolle you find that since the Tea Party and then trump took over the GOP the last mitochondrial level of common sense died away.

    1. @Hugh Mungus yes. More tax cut for the rich. He will get his vote and presidency but we will be in the drain paying the debt.

    2. @james west here this Troll again. Posting same comment on videos. I read same comment yesterday, last week. How much do you get for every comment or like. I will like your comment evenif it is not the fact. The fact KKK states are THE RED STATES NOW, RED PUBLICANS.

    3. @FIDELITY, NO to DECEIT & HATE the GOP has been after social security since the Reagan administration. Unfortunately your husband realized it too late.

    4. LOL When people accuse POTUS of wrong doing without presenting any credible evidence and whine about it not standing in any real court?….

      Watch out why John Bolton said “Giuliani is the Grenade”?
      It will be awesome when Giuliani will present his personal investigation complete with written statements, video confessions and documentary evidences.

      Giuliani : “I can’t sit by and watch my country be sold out by Joe Biden.” –

    5. VR Inks typical dem I see, you should apply for a job with msnbc, whoops, sorry slick but due to rapidly diminishing viewers they’ve been forced to layoff people, hey, mabye CNN, oh wait, well pedofornia is paying illegals 185 g’s a year to clean up human waste and contaminated needles and uh sorry but that’s not enough to rent a 1 bedroom efficiency, on the brighside living on the streets cuts down on commute, the sad part of this comment is that it’s all true, dem left cult lunatic fringe, what’s not to like, burn the feel baby😇

    1. @fraud for truths, and Liberty and a leg up on stupidities lol

      The world sees that Trumpinnoccio is the most creepiest threats to America already..
      And a immenent threats to our Constitutions and democracy’s awareness that he’s just allowed the approvals for our waters to go untested already!?
      Please explains⁉️
      😰💦🍾😉👍Bingo ❗🥳💥💥💥

    2. @Y Not What don’t you understand about – – –
      trump, pelosi, schiff, mcconnell, nadler, graham, on and on Dems and Repubs alike – Senate and House alike, and most high offices in the Fed,
      ALL need to GO!! DRAIN THE SWAMP trump and all the rest! 400+ elected to Congress that are corrupt.

  3. I cannot believe these republicans they not scared of God,but they are scared of Trump,do the right thing and God will proctect you from all evil.

  4. Common sense is a most rare quantity for any Trumper & Repugnant RepubliKKKlan. They operate on primal emotions like xenophobia, misogyny, anger, hate & violence.

    1. Jim Battersbee: remember this conversation when trump gets re-elected. And yeah, I don’t accept a man using the same bathroom as my daughter

    2. @Rock Johnson Roaring economy? The president just tweeted he is after our social security. It was deducted from our salary why they want it? Huge budget deficit. In our president’s way of talking, “very huge, very large, large large number, something you cannot believe we have, I am the only one who can achieve it… (On Budget deficit) .”

    3. the senators sleep during the trial. thats common sense. who would want to listen to the house managers for hours?

    4. @Rock Johnson
      It doesn’t matter if Trump is re-elected or not, he’s only a symptom, he’s not the disease. He has however done the US a serious amount of damage, both economically and socially.
      I look at his failures, still no wall, still Mexico is not paying. In three years he’s taken your national debt to a record over $23 trillion, your budget deficit this year a record $1trillion. US farmers are on taxpayer funded welfare.
      Trump has cheapened his office, instilled distrust in essential institutions of justice and democracy and replaced knowledge and professionalism with ignorance and amateurism.
      World leaders laugh at him for good reason.
      With or without him the USA will continue its decline, its loss of empire, and will in 20-30 years time be just another collection of failed banana republics.

      Oh, you clearly don’t seem to mind if “a man” grabs your daughter by her genitals whenever he feels like it.
      If he’s famous he can do that in your world! Make sure you explain that to her.
      Jeezus, you really are a moron.

    1. @Bill no I’ve been around long enough to remember McCarthy and everything after. And even had a relative of a relative who was a famous or infamous member of Congress. There was a time when courage wasn’t lacking and often came from women Margaret Chase Smith and Barbara Jordan are examples. Howard Baker is another and there are many . I’m steeped in history so I’m familiar with politics. I don’t particularly like it

    1. @Bruce Boring ….also what happened in Virginia, Kentucky, and Louisiana (two losses were after Trump showed up to campaign and begged people to vote) is a clear rejection of his administration.

      People yelling “Trump 2020!!!!” Have absolutely no clue of what’s going on outside of trump rallies, and are totally delusional, they’ll find out soon enough though, if they’re not paying attention to what’s going on already.

    2. @Harvey Grant i totally agree with you there is probably much more corruption and crimes that will be exposed in the coming months

    1. ​@Gary Hawkins Manafort, Gates, Stone Cohen Flynn Papadopoulos. People who live in criminal cult like glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

    1. Comeonuseyourbrain ******
      Without fear, there’s no way to be courageous. The people who aren’t afraid to do something dangerous or “iffy” may very well be naive or just downright stupid.

  5. The issue is : do the American people demand their Senators & Representatives be of “courage & truth” which is now lost in this President.

    1. @Tom Truett ******
      Thanks for providing this link. it’s important that Trump cultists have the chance to read a concise summary of facts. What am I saying? They’re Trump cultists. Anyway, I appreciate the information.

    2. Joe Biden used his pull to get his son a $50,000 a month gig – nepotism pure and simple. But Hunter isn’t on trial here. Trump is. At a later date Congress should investigate nepotism on all sides, including the Kushner’s deals with China and Qatar, and the $80 million Trump made in the last three years in violation of the emoluments clause.

    1. if they are coward, they will submit to congress demand. to produce the document, no they have teeth, congress is coward, afraid in 2020 election, that’s why they want to impeached the president. democrats have no balls.

    2. Yes, they should have attacked the corrupt obama administration instead of cowering because he was african American

  6. Doing the right thing is usually harder. If it wasn’t, then everyone would do the right thing all the time.

    1. they dont believe it so its called sacrifice not courage. they are not going to sacrifice themselves to vote in favor of the articles.

    2. Got courage?
      Search for — 2014 Hunter Biden
      … and witness the cesspool of corruption.
      Now, as to who is corrupt and who is fighting it, that’s open to question, but a discussion we apparently could only have, if we had courage.

    3. This is my home and I want it to be a better America but in truth America’s reputation is only good in America. It’s foreign policies gave America a bad reputation long before Trump and it’s failure to clean up its own dirt while trying to dictate to the world.

  7. Why isn’t Susan Collins “Stunned when Lyndsey Graham axcts like a little “B”. Why does Graham get to shout?

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