Nikki Haley announces her run for President via social media | USA TODAY

Nikki Haley is the former South Carolina governor and also served as the previous U.S. ambassador to the UN under President Trump.

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In the weeks since Haley's plans became public, Trump and his allies have stressed that she once said she would not seek the presidency if Trump did.

Haley's declaration makes her the first major Republican to challenge former President Trump for the 2024 Republican nomination, as well as the first member of his cabinet — Haley was previously Trump's U.S. ambassador to the United Nations.

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    1. Can’t wait to see the Circus clown show that is are Government elections. The Debates will be hysterical. I hope Trump just goes off.

    1. @STOPSPEWINSHIT What America wants is what the so-called “progressives” offer. The progressives want working Americans to enjoy the civilized benefits that are enjoyed by every single other developed country on the planet. Things like universal healthcare that doesn’t leave you bankrupt when you use it. Actual vacations and holidays. Paid family leave. Paid sick leave. A good education that doesn’t lead to debt slavery. etc. etc. etc.

      And yet, it is sometimes difficult to tell who hates them more: The corporate DNC Clinton-Obama-Biden Democrats, or the Republicans?

      The corporate DNC propaganda about “centrists” and “progressives” is just as effective in keeping working Americans voting against their own interests as is the Republicans’ about immigrants, Blacks, Jews, Muslims and the LGBTQ people.

    1. @Natenae “So I guess you hate all the presidential candidates and all past/current presidents.

      Because they seek power”

      nope, but nice attempt to lie, dear. It’s a shame when you choose to do so incompetently. Not all people seek power and not all lack integrity like your dear orange moron.

  1. All you people saying she has no chance haven’t been paying attention. It’s not about winning, it’s about securing a high level cabinet or VP position.

    1. Not true. It’s about having the votes to secure the president job. She has what it takes, but the people have to vote her in.

  2. I applaud the GOP (sorta) trying to move on from the Orange King, but this isn’t going to be how you do it.

  3. I definitly believe she would cave under fire. She my have some good attributes but she would go back too the old republican way of going business. One lindsey graham is enough.

  4. Anyone that tries to take a Man’s CROWN after the hell he’s been thru and still going thru, that robbed him of his power thru lies, needs to sit back and wait their turn……

  5. Not… a conspiracy… but is it possible that she is running to help trump? The more crowded the field, the stronger his 33% hold on the his base is… I don’t feel like she would be complicit… but I really don’t see her having much of a chance in the primary.

  6. She was so awesome when she started United Nations she did fantastic but she’s a rhino she’s on the tank she’s afraid she goes whichever way the wind is blowing

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