Nikolas Cruz gets life without parole, jury declines death penalty | USA TODAY


    1. They’re unfortunately are telling the deceased victims to screw off, this is bull crap because they can’t get another chance to live, but to keep Cruz alive is seriously a stupid thing for them to do.

    2. @Gabriel Martinez or maybe instead of getting the easy way out he suffers for the next 60 years rotting in a horrible prison cell maximum security

    1. He definitely will be put in protective custody! We just have to hope the correction officer on shift will leave the doors unlocked for the inmates who want to get at him!!!!

  1. 0:34
    Might want to proofread your captions more. “deadliest U.S. mass shooting *trail* as of October 2022.”

  2. When the misplaced compassion of a single juror is allowed to make an entire nation disappointed and angry, families of victims miserable, and a mass murderer provided with a lifetime of free room and board at taxpayer’s expense, the criminal justice system needs to be replaced with something completely different. The shooter exercised the power to ruin lives, now a single juror has backed him up on it.

  3. life in jail is worst then death, he will be locked up for a long long long time. Death would only help him escape the torment of being locked up 23 and 1 for life

  4. Wtf Complete utter bullpoop! dude planned it . And executed it. He planned to end lives. He wasn’t crazy then right??? Pfft worlds fked

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