Nine miners were trapped in a gold mine. See how they escaped

Several miners were trapped after a gold mine in the Democratic Republic of Congo collapsed following heavy rain. See the moment the miners emerged from the rubble. #CNN #News #shorts


  1. God bless these heroes. We shouldn’t be sending people into mines it’s too dangerous. There are robots that can do that job and we can hire people to work in public service these mining companies should be paying the host country for their natural resources

  2. People shouldn’t have to risk their lives like this just to survive. This is a glimpse at the dark side of capitalism – we need to improve…!

  3. These companies could easily afford to buy the best mining equipment available, but good old hand and shovel is cheaper.

  4. I love how they all cheer after each person gets out. How they try to help to get them out. They were shootings out that hole too. Respect to the guy keeping the exit clear of dirt and cheers to those fellas for not giving in and crawling out like some bosses

  5. Can we talk about how homie didn’t stop digging to get the others out? Pure soul of God right there 🙏 may God bless them all and everyone out there all God’s children. In Jesus name Amen!

    1. ​@Freshtex BlackmanJust because you don’t understand His ways doesn’t mean He doesn’t exist. Only that you would wish God to operate like human, you fail to believe His existence.

  6. My perceived problems are extremely trivial, compared with the struggle for life and a future in many other countries…

  7. I lived in the DRC for 2 years back in 2013-2015 my dad worked for the state department I love the Country SOOOOOOO MUCH BUT SO SAD TO SEE THE SUFFERING OF THE PEOPLE ):

  8. We in the USA 🇺🇸 made laws so this wouldn’t happen and the mine owners claim they are victims.

  9. Tragically, they did not escape the system that put them in the mines and impoverishes their community.

  10. Those worker’s need better organization and equipment.. it’s painfully obvious where all the profits are going… Sad😢

  11. Yes it’s great they came together and got them out, but they shouldn’t have had to. It shouldn’t have happened to begin with, but once it did the corporation who owns it should have had equipment and a team already on deck to get them out immediately.

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