Nkrumie Bouwahjgie ‘Turn Accounting Clerk or Chicken him Want to Jerk’ | TVJ Sports Commentary

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  1. Check did out, for the first time that I can remember a top athlete in fact two in Alana Reid and Nkrume have completed their champs career leading their respective teams to the prize and running away injury free. I’ve never heard a top athlete in the past twenty years exiting champs and carrying no injuries if that’s not a sign I don’t know what is.

    1. Facts. It think a few left injury free and went overseas only to fade out. The best he can do is stay in Jamaica and go pro. Alana should have done the same in my opinion.

    2. Huh?? Ofc there have been. Many top athletes to leave with no injury. Plus Nkrumie has been injured a few times as well so not sure what you’re really getting at.

    1. You hit first form at 12, then five years of lower school take you to 17 and a further two years of sixth form to 19

    2. ​@Moneyque
      Before you speak negative, get abreast of everything.

      They have students in high school at this age because of the job market.

      This lessens the high rise of unemployment.

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