No Behaviour in Manchester Jamaica | Volcano Erupts in St Vincent & the Grenadines- April 9 2021

No Behaviour in Manchester Jamaica | Volcano Erupts in St Vincent & the Grenadines- April 9 2021 1


  1. Not working curfew because of bundle in middle of the week.
    Mask distance
    Look at brazil maybe it teaches u what happens

    1. @Empress Jade Simeon Ellis So what you suggest who can’t hear will feel . The Prime minister did not do this lockdown in his own Jamaica is not the only country that is on a lockdown

    2. @June Grant – A wise man once said “if you find yourself following the majority, it’s time to pause and reflect.”
      I.e., think for yourself and don’t be an aimless follower, as you can be led anywhere.

    1. @Brandon Brown that’s true but the depth of volcano their depth is no threat period it doesnt even show up on geo map so u no it’s just sulfuric acid we go get from it

    2. Sure I read it some where 🤔 that this island was formed from volcanic activity and that the blue and John crow mountains were once hot spots of activity. So thinking how well history repeats itself coupled with the fault line we share with Haiti I see a slim possibility. Guess I was under the whites when I read about the mountain ⛰ 🙃 😆 🤣

    3. Pea  no man real talk deepest point in carribbean is off coast Jamaica and vault line their so whites tell u right thing lol up mi G

  2. Isn’t it ironic that everywhere this vaccine is used has cause blood clot but not Jamaica….da da dee dada daaa!!!!

    1. So for the millions across the globe that are wearing mask, social distancing and following all the guidelines how did they get covid 19? Many of those persons are so afraid that they don’t even go out how did they catch covid 19?????

    2. @Littishara McLeish Anderson they slipped up somewhere…I take care but even I slip up sometimes

    3. @Alecia Finlayson I wear my mask in public but my trust is not in not and will never be in protocol,no vaccine, no W.H.O.,no government ,my trust is in God he is my sustained, I can’t wake myself up and regardless of what’s going on and continue to my trust is in God through the blood of Jesus that never lose it’s power. …..The bible say it is appointed unto man once to die and after death comes the judgment, we weren’t promise that we weren’t going to die or how we going to die so until my time come which ever way he choose to take me home I will trust in him and him only ……

  3. Not taking to you Mr news man nuff respect and blessings abundantly ❤️💯👍 is the politican and him friends them am taking

  4. No blood clots in jamaica 😁these people are the best, taking advice from the expert 🤔🤔🤔🤔,I take advice from my maker.

    1. You just want to hear of any minor discrepancy to promote your theories.
      Blood clots can be dealt with by other medications once its detected early.
      It’s one out of 140 thousand in Europe so far.

  5. The police need to get on to pink wall and other gossip sites, because I find people are more open to sharing on these platforms.

  6. Strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK .I LOVE YOUR CHANNEL.GOD BLESS YOU ALL🙏///………….

  7. Jamaican got a lot to give thanks for they don’t have to run from volcano. The problem is even the wicked God mercy go with.

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