‘No doubt’ there will be COVID-19 fourth wave, but it will be ‘fundamentally different,’ says expert

Dr. Sumon Chakrabarti says although it's likely there will be a fourth wave of COVID-19, he doesn’t think it will spark more lockdowns.

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  1. I have a crystal ball…we will have ongoing variants and lockdowns until we are in a sad dystopian future…wait that’s not the future….omg fellow citizens

    1. @Deafharp Any doctor who does not admit or acknowledge that COVID is seasonal is not to be trusted.

    2. @Primmakin Sofis Seasonal COVID? Don’t trust doctors but listen to the armchair epidemiologist with no formal training or experience. Got it!

    3. @Per Llyngrenn I guess you missed the MANY experts who have said COVID is seasonal. I guess you missed the DATA ITSELF which shows or strongly implies this. One tiny example:

      April 24, 2020 = date of spring active case peak in Ontario
      April 19, 2021 = date of spring active case peak in Ontario

      A five-day difference out of a year. Heck of a coincidence. Then add to that how cases in entirely different jurisdictions at similar latitudes had their cases decline at nearly the exact same time despite entirely different measures in each jurisdiction. Heck of a coincidence again.

    4. @Primmakin Sofis And your non-imaginary epidemiological credentials are…? I’m not sure why you think anyone would trust your less-than-comprehensive analysis.

  2. So why not just ban international flights and bail out the airline industry. Surely it’s cheaper than shutting down a whole economy? Gov’t have to be purposefully playing stupid at this point!

    1. Can’t end. There is too much debt in the system. The bankruptcies and foreclosures will cause huge homelessness. The only way to avoid it is by playing pandemic and imposing emergency measures. Thereby they can print enough fiat currency and hand out stimulus checks to keep the market artificially afloat as long as possible devaluing our savings and earnings.

  3. Can’t travel to different provinces, but we have no problem accepting international travelers.

    Still trying to understand the logic here.

    1. I get Instagram ads saying ” extend your stay in Canada, sign up for online schooling to become an international student!”

    2. If you want my opinion. Start planning your escape from here. Canada will be a literal shadow of what it once stood for. It is being systematically destroyed.

    3. @マーティンOfficial sorry i don’t remotely believe you and i am automatically sceptical of government sympathizers

  4. Soft pitch for more lockdown and ford extended the emergency till December this is never going away

    1. Yup oppressive governments never voluntarily hand over their power, never has happened, never will

    1. @Dallas Devam Amazing, yes, the pandemic and the medical community is Marxist. Would love for you to define Marxism without having to use a search engine.

    2. @Kevin Karl Marx was for eliminating Capitalism. That’s exactly what is happening in Canada and the rest of the world.

    3. A troll is somebody who disagrees you without an argument to refute your point or dies not present an argument to back up their disagreement, but only attempts to get an inflamed response to condescending or insulting empty remarks; Kevin, you at that.

  5. It won’t spark more lockdowns because the one we are in won’t be over before it gets here. Same lockdown, just longer. Nothing new here.

    1. Alberta has already met the criteria for removing restrictions. By end of June we will be fully freed.

    1. The new name for “conspiracy theorist” should be “spoiler alertist.”
      Or something like that…

  6. ok. these clowns have had their 15 minutes of fame, they. can go back to hiding under their beds now

  7. This wave will be a rainbow wave, turning Canadians into their true selves, Americans. Then the real Party can begin

  8. There will be eternal waves because it’s here to stay, now let’s open up and get on with life

    1. @Bale Bondforgot to use the words, systemic or problematic or marginalized or equitable to name a few lol it’s called the language of madness

  9. Thats what they say every time. Enjoy your summers everyone cuz we’ll be back into lockdown in the beginning of fall

  10. I’ve got an idea. Let’s all go out tomorrow without a mask and see what the experts do about it.

    1. I live in a county (demographic 70% over the age of 70) where if I did that in my grocery store here (I never wear a mask outside, only in stores once every 2 weeks) they would refuse to serve me at the checkout, detain me by force against my will and then I would be arrested and fined by the Quebec Provincial Police.

  11. We don’t need anymore hack doctors predicting gloom and doom. Where do they find these dorks?

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