1. You’re right. Our police are being lazy. If it were the child of a leader they would be on the look out

    2. The metallic objects and other random stuff in the landfill would interfere with the ground-penetrating radar. It”s not the same as finding hidden burial sites around a former residential school

    3. So sad close the landfill because if you were building a house and uncovered human remains you would have a hell of a time building. So in my opinion it’s now a sacred gravesite so if you won’t search for them then stop covering them with garbage.

  1. What do they expect to find at this point, a piece of cloth with some residual DNA on it? I don’t even think a sniffer dog could do much in this situation sadly.

    1. So according to your logic bones decompose, while a piece of cloth doesn’t??? A cadaver dog is trained to find bones. Ignorance is bliss with you.

    1. Look into the details. 34 days, 10,000 truck loads, 9000 tons of clay. Logistics. Its not like they are / were looking for someone that was just dumped there the same day or less.

    2. @IT Look into the details? They are humans who were brutally murdered and we have an idea where they are… Make a little effort to find them and in the end it’d look a lot better PR-wise at the very least.

      It’s a bad call to not make any effort to look, even if they didn’t find anything.

  2. Wow is a GPR Ground Penetrating Radar too much, or is this just another wrap this up by the RCMP until another body drops. And by the sounds of this barely vague investigation it will.

    1. 10 feet of garbage piled on top then it’s covered with clay. I’m meant the government destroyed Canada already, and that audit with missing billions, I’m sure they can find money to dig in a landfill 15 feet.

  3. Heartfelt sincerest support and prayers can only help now. They are no longer in that landfill they moved on to heaven – peace of heart to all.

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