“No means no.” | Trudeau, Poilievre have fiery debate in question period

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre had a fiery debate during question period over the PSAC strike, Trudeau Foundation and the Trudeau family's winter vacation.

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    1. @Satyajeet Gandhi If my family was doing anything illegal I would not care about them, Do not try and make this anything than what it is.

    2. @tony sloggett This is true, the east coast doesn’t count. After the votes are counted in Quebec and Ontario, it’s usually been decided.

  1. So TLDR; No Trudeau won’t pay a single cent back of the 80,000$ gift from a lobbies’t and yes he will return to the Trudeau foundation and enjoy all the donations he has accumulated as PM.

    1. @@PinkestPink🦩 even nasa did for awhile. So did you at one point… if you vote Trudeau you probably do on the daily

  2. I am so sick of Trudeaus scripted answers and his deflecting blame.
    As for that grocery rebate? Id rather pay NO carbon taxes on everything than get this grocery rebate that doesnt even cover the costs.
    Ps. I love the way Pollivierre is getting under Trudeaus skin. He stammers and is stressed out.

    1. ​@Mom Tur what are you talking about? And you should to come here to Toronto and talk with some veterans on the streets and what they tell ya about Trudo

    2. ​@Rick Baker Well everyone is so sick of Trudeau’s non-answers, unfortunately it’s what you have to do to get him to give a straight answer.

  3. Any average Canadian should know that your grocery rebates don’t cover the cost of the nation wide inflation and actually increases inflation. Justin, I don’t want your Monopoly money

    1. And all Canadians should realize that taxpayers, mostly the working class, pay for all benefits, not the government or Trudeau.
      Trudeau completely ruins roles of government.

    2. you can just say “i refuse to receive any benefits because i understand economy of a country more then any other educated individual in the country” just declare that you know more then everyone and how to run a country then decline the federal benefits. Not that hard.

  4. Instead of addressing the issue JT attacks PP and diverts discussion about “helping the middle class” while he has increased taxes on the middle class. Can’t wait for a uh uhm election.

    1. I am middle class and all he has done is hurt my bottom line. NOTHING he has done has put more money in my pocket, in fact it has resulted in LESS money in my pocket.

    2. ​@John Deere 1025R same here, and his irresponsible spending will cost a lot on our next generation because of the huge debts and interest.

  5. When JT was talking about dental, child, and other benefits, he acted like he paid for all of those. However, working class pay, and their children will pay government debts and interest.

    1. ​@Robert Lavigne Truth is that top rich have great access to escape high taxes, sometimes with top politicians (Trudeau could be one of them) assistance.
      No, I don’t believe that our government will be able to tax rich. The reality is that the middle class is shrinking due to increasing taxes and high burdens.

    2. My Children, Grand Children, and very likely my Great Grand Children , will be paying for 8 years of Trudeau version 2.0.

    3. The main problem with targeting the rich is they will eventually leave. Who is expected to make up the shortfall? The not rich.

    1. Yea well it’s the only thing he did in 8 years, so I guess we’ll never hear the end of it. LAME.

  6. Pierre wont vote for Justin’s budget because that is what is causing our soaring inflation. If Justin was concerned about affordability he would cancel the carbon tax instead of increasing it by 30%. With that increase, they cannot even pretend the rebate will be more than the tax paid, most Canadians will pay more than they get back. And for his grocery rebate, cancelling the carbon tax will help there as well. When everything costs more to transport, food costs go up. Its simple economics beyond the grasp of a drama teacher.

    1. Lmao You Cons and carbon tax crap. You know most of Canada doesn’t pay the federal carbon tax… right? Most provinces already had one.

    2. ​@Paul Martin
      It’s a federal tax Paul, we all pay carbon tax. Gas, heating, transport all pay the carbon tax, including you. And my province never had a carbon tax.

  7. Trudeau is a perfect example of why we need term limits for the house, senate, and judicial positions.

    1. @Gary Haggquist If MPs had that term limit, they would rarely get the opportunity to be PM or sit in government. Easier said than done. And the PM would be inexperienced.

    2. @broadstreet21

      I never advocated for term limits! A Poilievre Conservative supporter cited Trudeau as a reason for a need for term limits, and I simply pointed out that at one time Poilievre also advocated for term limits – *but is now in his 7th term!*

    3. @Gary Haggquist I know. I was indirectly replying to Poilievre, telling him easier said than done. If he had his way, he’d be out of the house by 2008, never achieved anything significant. Let alone sit in cabinet or run for PM.

  8. Guys, the REAL headline from this video is that Trudeau did, in fact, finally answer a f*$%ing quuestion. Granted, it was only a yes/no question, but the lil guy finally actually answered something. Like, I’m bewildered! Literally shocking that he did!

    1. He will get spanked by his führer for even saying no 🤣 he’s suppose to word salad every answer.

    2. Yes but JT lied. It is unbelievable that JT and his brother who both are members of the Trudeau foundation never discussed anything about at all involving the foundation – in 10 years.

  9. “Answer questions in full truthfulness” almost spit my coffee out. This is better then Netflix.

    1. @Rick Baker at least he can answer a question without using a question or blaming a previous government for his faults. I think Turdeau our Criminister uses the same Leader for for Idiots Guide as Brandon

    2. @Rick Baker Your opinions are bad and you should feel bad. You literally support the worst prime minister in Canadian history.

  10. Holy moley. All you have to do to get Trudeau to answer a question is badger him repeatedly for years. Who knew it would be so simple

  11. When he continuously brings up dental work , it’s hilarious . Dude, I can’t use these nice teeth if I can’t afford to eat lmao

    1. ​@William Baksa kids under 12. Who dont need dental cuz their baby teeth falls out during this time….

  12. Pierre: Did you discuss the donation with your brother, yes or no?

    Trudeau: My cat’s breath smells like cat food

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