"No regrets" for Green Party Leader Annamie Paul after Toronto byelection loss 1

“No regrets” for Green Party Leader Annamie Paul after Toronto byelection loss


Green Party Leader Annamie Paul discusses her takeaways and what's next for her after losing in the Toronto Centre byelection.

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    1. D D “Don’t read much I to this, but there is a lot to be read on a Liberal winning…” This country is an embarrassment.

  1. A lot of hate here for the greens. I just don’t know why we continue to defend the status quo because it clearly isn’t working. Not for everyone that is.We need big change now and the line of “you will tank the economy” to that I say prove it. Oh and FYI the economy has been on a boom bust cycle for around 100 years.

    1. I don’t really see the need to comment on appearances to be honest. Whatever ideology you are, making fun of someones appearances is pretty low (yes even when it’s trump). Even kids know saying that stuff is low.

  2. They had her polling at less than 10% going into the date of the by-election. She got over 30% and came in second. I consider that a major victory. I think she may be able to turn Toronto Centre into a green seat

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