No Teeth for Flour Increase in Jamaica #Shorts

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  1. My brothers and sister what abouth bananas pottoes and dashene coaco and the other ground food breadfruit stop buy flour its not good for ous

    1. True, & Banana, Plantins & Bread fruit can all make Healthy gluten free flour, if process that is better than wheat flour.

  2. People need to plant their own food, hope this will encourage more people to do farming, too much idle bwoy on the corna rubbing out their hand middle. Use your time wisely.

  3. Mercy for the hungry. Take money out of hands of gov. Raise all bring pain along with bad disease around.
    Wait for increase. Help needed now with flour etc.

  4. Uno never learn. Jamaicans Ppl uno eat too much flour & Rice for a little island. Is Decades now uno cannot feed uno selves. uno need to farm more & eat more locally grown produce & dont blame govt Blame uno selves.

  5. Flour Mills need fi start mrk banana and cassava flour …..Jamaicans need fi eat more locally grown and produced staples

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