‘Nobody believes you’: Poilievre grills Trudeau as he testifies over WE Charity controversy


    1. Opus Love Productions the blackface is the most corrupt, unethical , anti Canadian POS ever to grace the halls of Parliament..hows that?

    2. Opus Love Productions LOL..based on your incoherent response, I’m assuming you’re stoned..sleep it off, bud.

    1. Ares StormSong – Justin always has a smug smile. Especially when he’s busted for something. Yup Psychology deems that a tell. Narcissists always believe they are ten steps ahead of everyone else. They believe they are smarter and far more superior than everyone else. Does this describe anyone we know? Hmmmm? Our sad sack Prime Minister possibly? Yup Justin Trudeau!

    2. DJTR KING The same 🐀 look he has in the house and is asked each and every question.Or when he lets the deputy pm or other minister answer for him! Same smug kid he probably was in school!

    3. @Supernumerary Yarbles Have not watched for some time. Also, since his well deserved “demotion” I’m not even sure he goes anymore.

    4. I imagine that interogation might be hard if criminal could do that :
      “-So where where you at 2 am the 02/08/18?
      -The 02/08/18 ? Well that was two year ago and i was younger during this time and i THINK it was also the time where i stop eating apple i got bored of the taste * continue*
      -The question
      -*Continue without a care* of sweetness those pink apple have . I mean i tried different variety but that still not the same but if i had to says where i was the expert i commision said i was not close to the crime”

    1. @conspiracy factualist As I said, ‘it is more likely’….You must be a Liberal. Hahahahahahahha.

  1. Everyone with half a brain knows this Trudeau’s a crook yet nothing will be done about it! Half these honourable politicians should be in prison.

    1. Kerri Grandmaison so far he has been. He has got away with everything, even crimes he’s been found guilty of. Such a disgrace to this country.

    2. @Theron Ash And he will get re-elected again if an election is called. Just ask any of your friends who are Liberals and only watching MSM. Why wouldn’t he think he’s above the law, to the Liberals he is. He is their chosen one.

    3. Nothing will make a staunch Liberal vote for anybody else. The same can be said about staunch Conservatives on NDP.
      Why should he be above the law? He’s a minority government for f*ck’s sake! How weak are the opposition parties to do nothing about it? It’s not enough to just try and look tough for the cameras. What a bunch of clown…

  2. I’m cringing / happy so hard because I know his going to destroy Trudeau. I promise you all that as a Asian Canadian Conservative. I feel satisfied asf*

    1. He survived doing blackface 3 times. Liberals were born without morals, they don’t care. As long as everyone’s life get’s shittier, we’re more equal somehow.

    2. Wouldn’t bet on that. With all this COVID mess, this is small potatoes for a majority of the population who have bigger things to worry about right now. This may even be forgotten by the next election, unless something really big is revealed. The guy has been up to his neck in conflict of interest from the start and yet he remains popular.
      And as an independent, I am not impressed by the job the Conservatives and the NDP have done with this so far. I can make the difference between a serious investigation and a political show. This is clearly the latter.

    1. “oh you see my aunt’s cousin’s wife has done some great charitable work and my mother herself helped with the affair …”

    2. @User Name precisely!
      Uh… let’s take a merry-go-round trip to Mexico and back… _hmmm, did you ask a question?_
      *Trudeau must go. 3x strikes…*

  3. “Mr. Transparency” can’t even answer a simple question….as usual. Corruption on display for all to see!

    1. That was predictable. Corruption is undissociable from politics. That’s what we get regardless of the party. I wonder why anyone would be surprised.

  4. Trudeau is an absolutely disgusting politician. Who knows how many other scams he has his entitled hands in. The last thing he is representing is Canada. He is funneling millions of hard working Canadian money for his own gain.

    1. You are a bully and a liar Johnny, Trudeau has done no such thing. He does not think or act like that. Perhaps you are projecting your own behaviors onto him.

    2. And take a look at his friends who are known pedos and child molesters. even the two Kielberger guys running the charity have associations with molesters and child abusers. see the history of Jean Vanier their friend. Ben Levin a convicted molester who was a friend of Trudeaus. It is all going to get revealed.

  5. I think the real tragedy is that his mother requires a quarter million dollars in order to help a “charity”.. 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

    1. A charity with Fellows like our leader and the 2 guys kielbergers who hung around and associated with child molesters. Convicted child molesters. see Ben Levin for starters.

    1. @Don C agreed the system is f#÷ked. Just because of seats that’s messed up!!!!! The population has spoken. NOT ONTARIO AND QUEBEC!!!!!! The covid capitals!!!!

  6. I have never heard Trudeau answer any question he has been asked while he’s been in office. Never! All he does is give speeches.

    1. @Ted Poplaw Do you understand the difference between being reimbursed for something and being paid to do something?
      To be clear, what Trudeau did was absolutely improper. If his mother wasn’t being paid by them, it would’ve still been improper to select a charity for that based on a personal whim. And at this point it’s pretty clear that Trudeau thinks he doesn’t have to follow the rules when it comes to avoiding conflicts of interest.
      But that’s no reason to twist the facts.

    2. @MagicznaPanda If she was reimbursed, that means they paid her expenses, meaning they paid her, you know, paid her back for the money she spent, money went back into her pockets. When it comes down to it, it’s the same as being paid, her payment was the expenses she incurred, it wasn’t free.

    3. @Ted Poplaw lol, right… You obviously have drunk the Harper… I mean Sheer… I mean… Wait, I don’t know who’s koolaid. They’ve had scandal after scandal without being a pm…

    4. David Knapton another low intellect leftist bleating out the usual BS without any FACTS…try and keep up, fool…

    1. The questions were a waste of time. He already had the figures. Do you know your parents income? Are you accountable for their choices or workings?

  7. Pathetic hiding money in offshore accounts not traceable. He has to step down and MORNEAU they both knew what they were doing. WRONG

  8. This pm couldn’t answer a question directly if his life depended on it! How my fellow country men and women support and stand behind this guy is disgraceful.

    1. Judging that most Canadian voters are uninformed voters, this is not too surprising. Besides, what is the alternative right now? Things are not going well enough in the country to give NDP a try and the Conservatives have done nothing to convince the population that they’d be any better, they still carry the stench of Harper. Hell, just as an example, Quebec rejected Trudeau in he last election, but they preferred to revive their dead Bloc than vote conservative.

  9. Doesn’t make any sense, is this not finance testimony? How can he get away with not providing a dollar figure?

    1. Why does he need to provide any input as to his family members dealings? Are you knowledgeable about your families exact earnings? Are you responsible for any business they do?

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