‘Nonsense’: Honig breaks down Trump’s argument on search warrant

CNN Senior Legal Analyst Elie Honig talks with John Berman about former President Donald Trump's evolving legal strategies. #CNN #News


  1. No attorney should represent Trump unless they want to potentially lose their license and then not get paid for their work.

    1. @Harold Moore C’mon Harold, that’s not nice. I took the time to give you lots of things to consider….and you’re not going to respond?

  2. *JUDGE:* “What is your defense, Mr. Trump?”
    *TRUMP:* “Hillary’s 33,000 emails!!”
    *JURY:* “GUILTY!!!!!!!!!!”

  3. When it comes to incessant criminality, only Donald Trump could pull off an entirely new and different federal offense after inciting an attack on Congress.

    1. TRUMPACHENKO didn’t know there were any important documents …….he just thought he was taking empty boxes …..he’s so into recycling and saving the Earth you know

  4. That fact that we have to break down trump’s defenses
    EVERY TIME he breaks the law is comical…

    1. @5 whatever bakes your cake. I agree Liz Cheney’s arguments are almost opposite to most of my arguments, but she seems to have integrity and a love for this country. The same cannot be said of the VAST majority of the republican party.

  5. “It’s no longer a question of if the Former American President is a Traitor, but rather if Republican voters are still Americans.”

    1. @Jason Blaha Very disappointing show. Please consider giving all three womens brands a show of their own or I’m discontinuing my subscription. I’ve been a loyal fan for many years but never in my life have I seen every payperview be the same people fight. #MITB

    2. @Jason Blaha So all you could do when not in power was say, Russia, Russia, Russia….now you are acting just like them! Quit telling people how to live their lives and start teaching manners again!

    3. @Jason Blaha “If he loses it’s because he was cheated….go all across America and count the Trump signs compared to the Biden signs…that shows who majority of the people are for.”
      Er… nope.

    1. @Bob Saget tell that to the toilets…I kind of remember trump mentioning how hard they are to flush. He sure likes telling on himself! “Its not theirs, its mine!” . That sir is referred to as a “confession”.

  6. At this point y’all playing games!!! Look at the picture as a whole. Did trump start a revolt at the white house?!! YES. Do we actually think he took those boxes with criminal intent?!! HELL YEA

    1. @𝒜𝓃𝒶𝒾𝓈 𝒲♡𝓁𝒻 Dictionary
      Definitions from Oxford Languages
      “she has the right to say yea or nay”
      an affirmative answer.
      “the assembly would give the final yea or nay”

  7. Well he himself made it a felony and not a misdemeanor so guess he should have to deal with the consequences of his actions. You cant just say well i declassified it without going through the right process to have that done. Thats why we put the rules and laws in place to protect our national security from getting out. I being an independent and not caring for the right or left but can see both good and evil in both partys. I see only one thats tossing our nations security out the window for one mans ego and lies.

    1. @M Hall and they did that why cuz they didnt need them anymore. The law gets to kinds of evidence on a person the actual evidence for that crime and in some cases the ones who helped finance them. They took them to show that they where in the same location as some of the evidence that they where looking for. shows who had motive to have or keep the documents. If they had found another top officials passport in one of the boxes or rooms that some of the documents where in then one would have to think that they where for that person and not another but seeing as only trump had real reason or motive to have them it was more of showing who had reason to keep them nothing more.

    2. You’re incorrect. There is no formal process for a president to declassify documents. There is no official stamp or form, or any kind of codified process. The president can literally say “these documents are declassified,” and that’s all that is required.

    1. Yeah and he doesn’t even read anyway so what was the point? They would have to be in pre-school picture book format for him to even understand them. Or Barron would have to read them to him

    2. He is just pulling stuff out of the air at this point. He has no legal defense for none of the things he has done.

    3. @K Blake Totally true he’s just pulling out multiple defenses and throwing them against a wall to see which one sticks. But none of them make sense though.

    4. @LAMONT WATERS Not a single one makes sense. Ex45 is getting a taste of justice and accountability and I don’t think he likes the flavor.


    1. they hate cases where they don’t get paid and the client is a loser who doesn’t even listen to them then blames his loss on them….

    1. More accurately. He went from I gave all the documents to I dont have any documents to FBI found nothing to FBI Planted those documents to those documents are mine.

  9. Lawyers wont take the case of a client who constantly changes his story and wont pay them . I am shocked

    1. LoL, the same people a couple of days ago screaming Trump is guilty because he won’t release the warrant, now are silent because the DOJ won’t release the affidavit 🤣

  10. When Trump doesn’t pay his legal fees, the word gets out! No quality lawyer with a clean record wants to tarnish their own record for Trump!

    1. @Frank Mart its ironic how both parties are against eachother but need eachother and they act as one should be treated wit no punishment but other wit

  11. Gotta love it when Mango Mussolini thinks he can get away with anything like he is used to but this time the Department of Justice is like
    *”Nope! Not this time booboo”*

  12. *I can’t imagine trump finding many “qualified” lawyers these days willing to take on what he’s facing knowing their fees will be like trying to get blood out of a rock! Ain’t gonna happen!*

  13. As an attorney, I’d like to defend a client who won’t end up paying me and will likely get me disbarred.

    1. You’d only get disbarred if you broke the law during your defense of a client. Everyone is entitled to a defense. Even if there is overwhelming evidence of their guilt. This is why Miranda rights stipulate “ if you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided for you by the court.”

      Getting paid is kind of important though.

  14. He’s notorious for not listening to his lawyers, lying to his lawyers and the. Most important thing he doesn’t pay his lawyers. Actually, he doesn’t like to pay anybody, but he sure loves to grift and cheat and lie to all the fools who follow him.

  15. imagine 30 years from now when we look back at history and trying to understand how the US could have a criminal liar as president.

    1. @Not Entirely Apathetic I don’t need a key to your house.I was referring to the consequence that might follow after Trump’s possible arrest.

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