Norfolk Southern train derails in Michigan, investigation ongoing | USA TODAY

The train cars derailed in southeast Michigan were from Norfolk Southern Railway, the same company as the massive train derailment in Ohio.

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Authorities were responding to a freight train derailment Thursday in southeast Michigan, the latest incident as communities in Arizona and Ohio grappled with the fallout from collisions involving hazardous materials.

Emergency crews were on the scene in Van Buren Township, where about 30 Norfolk Southern Railway train cars went off the tracks Thursday morning. The derailment prompted temporary road closures which were expected to reopen by the evening, the local public safety department said on Facebook.

The township is located about 30 miles west of downtown Detroit. While an investigation into the derailment is ongoing, Van Buren Township Public Safety said there are no reports of injuries and no hazardous materials were aboard the overturned portion of the train.

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    1. Would you be surprised to hear that this derailment is actually minor and isn’t newsworthy? The media is sensationalizing every derailment for ratings, clicks, and views. Much like there are millions of cars traveling the roads, there’s car accidents every day. Thousands of trains traveling across our Class One systems in the US every day, there’s going to be accidents. It’s relatively rare that catastrophic incidents, like what happened in Ohio, occur. But I will say, with trains running at 15,000-20,000 tons and upwards of 3 miles long, these will become more frequent, especially when you couple that with deferred maintenance of equipment and trackage due to manpower shortages.

  1. The earthquakes and ground stuff is causing train derailment yall look at the bigger picture quit being distracted jesus is coming soon

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