North Korea has ‘very low chance’ of nuclear test around Christmas, source says

North Korea is planning to adopt a hard-line policy toward the United States that involves taking denuclearization off the table amid perceptions that President Donald Trump is vulnerable politically, a source familiar with the North Korean leadership's current mindset told CNN. CNN International Correspondent Will Ripley reports.

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    1. @DOUGLAS HOTCHKISS not until the deep state is defeated and the end of liberal tyranny in TRUMP 2020

    1. Let’s hope they give you a fireworks display, like never seen before. Goodbye America. Good riddance America.

    1. @DarthSailorMoon well u got a lot of news media who give out fake news(not all of them I hope) it’s not really professional if u say”My sources say” because that’s ur opinion not what is actually happening. We have BBC news and we get news where we get actuall facts of what’s going on around the world.

    2. @Enhanced Monster If you actually click the play button you will see how they explain their sources are from “South Korea”, and actually show video evidence. You have exposed yourself as a complete mess. Do all UK citizens make embarrassing comments before actually clicking on the play button?

  1. We need an alien invasion or a global level threat to bring everyone together.. πŸ˜’ unify the world

    1. @Enhanced Monster I doubt that there are aliens and if there are AND if they’ve been flying around Earth for thousands of years, as some say, I doubt they’d attack. And, if they did, they’d certainly have technology that would nullify anything we have.

      That being said, I am with RobloxUN. If the world had a global leavel threat, that NO MORONS CAN DENY, it just might bring the world together.

      With the moronic behavior of these dictator wannabes and their low-brown, idiot followers, the event could just end all life or at least, all HUMAN life on the planet.

      After a long while, the planet would recover and hopefully, a much better species evolves that is more intelligent and not selfish and stubborn (which is the real problem).


  2. I wonder if the New Axis(China, Russia and North Korea) see the divide Mr. Trump is causing and just waiting to swoop in and take over? I mean, watch how much destruction Trump will cause at the end of 2020.

    1. We all know that Russia is currently controlling everything. I became a Russian in the year 2016 because it was really her turn. The media is great for telling me I am a Russian and Trump is bad and dividing us. I think the solution is to keep on impeaching him and avoid signing trade agreements. We should also make sure to disarm law abiding citizens.

  3. north korea on the behalf of america i just wanted to pop by and say y’all seem chill asfπŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’― maybe we could go roll a joint sumtime? jk… unless😳😳😳😳

  4. NK u listening u abut death and stuff I cant saymuch they charge sumone with treason of a sorry country if it originated in USA residents of theres a group needs to b in the NK missle zone sorry locals incliuded

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