Not being vaccinated against COVID-19 is the 'biggest risk to your health': Toronto's top doctor 1

Not being vaccinated against COVID-19 is the ‘biggest risk to your health’: Toronto’s top doctor


Toronto's chief medical officer Dr. Eileen de Villa warned that the city isn't in 'total control' of COVID-19, despite infections dropping.

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    1. Well that’s how Narcissists and sociopaths tend to talk to the masses who they perceive as intellectual inferior.

    1. True! But high sugar content food you eat kills only you. The virus you pass on to others kills others.

  1. The narration of this so called expert is comical , simple rule do the opposite of what government thinks you should do !

  2. Cruella Devilla would look quite at home making her ‘Toneless Unemotional’ speech in a ‘Hunger Games’ movie…

  3. Totally unsupported by their own data, for all age groups other than +70. Delta variant is < 1% different, its a meaningless anomaly.

  4. Stop calling her “Toronto’s Top Doctor.” She graduated near the bottom of her class, hence why she needed to pursue a quasi bureaucratic role. It’s also obvious when she speaks that she’s not particularly sharp. It’s an insult to other doctors in Toronto when you refer to her as the city’s top doctor.

    1. well, she has to convince morons to take their medicine. it’s a hard job, given that there so many morons out there.

  5. I think going without a cancer diagnosis because of these evil lockdowns may be a little more harmful to your health than, say, a flu!
    How anyone can still believe these evil health officials is beyond me!

  6. Here I was thinking heart disease was the top killer here in North America – but what would I know

  7. Lol liquor stores and fast food are ACTUALLY some of the biggest dangers to your health but right now it’s deemed “essential”

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