‘Not Only Lies, They Were Dangerous Lies’: Maddow Lists Trump Covid Lies At Town Hall | MSNBC

'Not Only Lies, They Were Dangerous Lies': Maddow Lists Trump Covid Lies At Town Hall | MSNBC 1


Rachel Maddow highlights some of the statements made by Donald Trump at the NBC News town hall about the coronavirus that were not only false, but potentially deadly because of the many people who take Trump at his word. Aired on 10/15/2020.
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'Not Only Lies, They Were Dangerous Lies': Maddow Lists Trump Covid Lies At Town Hall | MSNBC

69 Comments on "‘Not Only Lies, They Were Dangerous Lies’: Maddow Lists Trump Covid Lies At Town Hall | MSNBC"

  1. Without his Lies Trump would not be who he is.

    • **he’s a pathological narcissist,,, who thinks we shut down our economy to hurt his chances for re-election!!!! That’s straight-up crazy!!! Now vote people!!!!!**

    • He has built his whole life on lies. What do you expect?

  2. trump lives in “TV Land”.

    It’s not “real”. Never was.

    Just some people preferred “the fantasy”…

  3. The only time Trump isn’t lying, is when he’s inhaling between lies.
    Trump will be remembered as the greatest pathological liar that ever lived.

    What’s worse is that he tells pointless lies that can be easily disproved. Like when he lied twice about where his father was born. On two separate occasions, he claimed his father was born in Germany, when everyone knows that his father was born in NY, and there are records to prove it.

    So if Trump would lie about something so irrelevant and inconsequential, like  where his father was born, something that can easily be verified, it means that he will lie about AN-Y-THING..

    • That’s what a pathological liar is all about. They lie and dont even realize they’re doing it,,and they do it ALL the time. Even about inconsequential minor things. You cant believe one word out of their mouths. ie: He said he was in the hospital for 4 days. fact: He was in the hospital for 52 hours. ie: Proclaims to be a billionaire. fact: Hes NO billionaire. Far from it. They cant help themselves. If Trump told me it was raining out, I’d have to go to the window to check.

    • he DOES lie about an-y-thing.

    • @David Christ Arion was the name of Hercules’ horse. Aryan is the word you are trying to say.

    • @featherknife Thanks featherknife , I was tired when I wrote that incorrect word. I didn’t think that was correct. Now only if we could turn back time and correct mistakes in history.

    • Deborah Burgess | October 16, 2020 at 6:29 PM | Reply

      @Leesa Historically it’s well known that what his grandfather did and made a fortune in was prostitution, gambling and alcohol. Do you think all those gold diggers wanted nice hotel rooms to sleep in or to get laid and drunk? He was a bad man.

  4. NO-ORWELLIAN Dystopia | October 16, 2020 at 1:05 AM | Reply

    Trump lied and Americans d i e d.

  5. Moderator: When was your last negative test?

    Trump: 100, 93, 66…Person, Woman, Man, Camera, Covfefe…

    • **this fool,,, Trump,,, went to the debate with Biden,,, knowing he was positive for covid-19!!!! The man has no conscience!!!! Folks are voting in record numbers,,,, God bless all these Patriots!!!! Who are going to vote Trump out in a blue tsunami!!!!**

    • Hamberders.

  6. Trump shouldn’t be President of the United State of America 🇺🇸🗳

  7. Only 2 things come out of the Mob-Boss-in-Chief’s mouth:
    Lies and COVID

  8. His wife and son got it. He can’t even protect his family or himself.

    • N N 😂😂you think she cares what you think

    • N N you can’t be liberal & racist fool 😂😂 where will you go when he’s in prison

    • Willa Belle she should because Trump is winning! You know this and there is nothing you idiots can do about it 🤣🤣🤣

    • @Meri Lizzie The FDA omitted zinc from the cocktail to sabotage the test results. We have known since Matrch that Zinc is the active ingredient.. In England they gave patients 5X the normal dose which was poisonous to patients. 50 out of 70 tests showed good results. The FDA test and others were bogus. DrBeen is the best source on Youtube.

    • @Don Dobbs You are really limiting your own development when you choose to believe in superstitions.

  9. Trump on allergies: ‘ People are allergic to peanuts, and all sorts of other things. My greatest allergy is to telling a truth, any truth ‘

  10. Definition: “sucker”, n. Someone who follows Trump the Chump.

  11. Spiritual Anarchist | October 16, 2020 at 1:51 AM | Reply

    So much trouble over a stupid mask. It’s like taxes..No one likes it but we all pay it…Oh wait..

    • 5,2 million in two years, but I guess you didn’t read the article and you probably think he does his own taxes. Show me one business owner that said to his accountant that he wants to pay more taxes than he should.

    • Spiritual Anarchist | October 16, 2020 at 7:03 AM | Reply

      @Moodie Green oh please.

    • Spiritual Anarchist | October 16, 2020 at 7:25 AM | Reply

      @Moodie Green P,S,: for the sake of being informed I looked it up. Can’t find your article or any mentioning of it. Now even though nobody likes paying taxes, you can’t go into going public office, spending other people taxes while going on dodging your own bleeding taxes now do you !? Even in the U.S that’s considered somewhat hypocritical. Who would pay for that nice army , or those cops ,firefighters etc when no one pays his taxes ?

    • @Spiritual Anarchist It’s in the same article that said ‘he only paid 750 dollars’, The New York Times after the illegal release of his tax documents. So basically you don’t know what you are talking about because this was all over the news. He paid 5,2 million dollars in 2016 and 2017. More than you and me ever will in your entire life. He didn’t make the tax rules, your buddy uncle Joe and his buddies did. It’s a good thing you try to be informed, but you still have a lot of work to do on the matter. Good luck and keep an open mind. I’ll give you credit for the fact you had a decent answer and you bothered to look something up.

  12. Someone needs to tell the Moron in Chief that in terms of Covid deaths… high numbers are NOT a good thing… You are not the winner with the highest number …

  13. The worst of his behavior is done out of desperation. The country would be well served if the people around him could somehow convince him that he is doing well in the polls.

  14. All Sports Officiating | October 16, 2020 at 2:12 AM | Reply

    Charge him with WAR CRIMES since he is the WAR PRESIDENT.

    • @Carlos Casamayor
      Oh look!
      We caught an Evengenital Kkkristian Republickkklan Deplorable Pride KKKultist!
      Another Drumpf University scholar!
      The Neener Neener Nanner Nanner defensive offensive!
      Bless yer heart.

    • @Carlos Casamayor
      A Faux Fox Spews fan!

    • Kendra Buttersworth | October 16, 2020 at 3:24 PM | Reply

      ???? He is non interventionist while Biden voted for Iraq war. You are people are nuts.

    • @Kendra Buttersworth
      You people … That’s nuts… You sound like an Evengenital Kkkristian Republickkklan Deplorable Pride KKKultist weirdo. Am I right?

    • Rush Limbaugh likes wars that don’t really have a reason for them happening. What party does he belong to? I forget.

  15. The real insane part, Trump knows how deadly this virus is.
    Because we heard it from him on Woodward’s recordings with our own ears.
    Drink the kool-aid,…..

  16. brilliantly said, ty dr maddow. he knows, he just doesn’t care as long as his lies get him ‘out of trouble’. we need to end the charade that is his presidency, the hellscape that he has created here in our country. we must vote him out and vote out every one of the gop politicians that have protected and defended him! i voted about 14 hours ago, voted blue all the way!

  17. TheeeeeE, most irresponsible, President, I have , ever, seen….. how anyone, cant see, hes a danger to you & your Family, ill never understand .

    Trump thinks he’s popular, because he has rallies, lol, anyone, I mean, anyone, would want to see a President in person, wouldnt matter , who it is, he’s exploiting them, too look good, when you get home, get sick & die, then maybe youll regret your choice, you wont receive, Billionaire treatment, either….. wake up.

  18. A dangerous old fool…will not say a thing, not one thing that might lose him ONE vote from his deranged base

  19. Lady J Faithful | October 16, 2020 at 11:52 AM | Reply

    It’s amazing how confident this president is in lying and misleading people. He’s a very very sick person. No common sense.

  20. In President Donald Trump’s defense, he is after all, a lying liar who lies.

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