Not Sorry: Chip Roy Invokes Lynchings At Anti-Asian Hate Hearing | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

Texas Republican Rep. Chip Roy said there will be no apologies after he seemed to glorify lynchings as a form of justice in a House hearing about anti-Asian racism. Kurt Bardella joins to discuss. Aired on 03/19/2021.
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Not Sorry: Chip Roy Invokes Lynchings At Anti-Asian Hate Hearing | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


    1. @Lil Pudge so condemn all Texans gotcha. Isn’t this what this whole thing is about? Not judging a whole group based on the actions of a few?

    2. @Laura Young kinda funny you say that. One time I was talking to some guy that had been incarcerated before. He was from Missouri. He was talking to me about how he had saved up all this money running dope until he finally got caught. He said he was able to pay off ppl and only got a year in prison in Missouri. Then he came to Texas and got caught again. I believe he got around 20 yrs. I asked him, “so why didn’t you try to pay ppl off again?”. His response was, “nah y’all are on some justice sh*t overhere”. Felt kinda proud when he said that 😌. That being said cruz and roy are trash. Texans deserve better.

    1. @Bernard Cole ? You’re saying that Biden is a dual citizen, so something or other doesn’t apply to him? WTF are you talking about?

    2. @Tarquin Bright hahaha you sound 12. “Prove it or you’re lying”. You have internet access, find it yourself

    3. @Senthil Ramanathan We may farm livestock for meat on an industrial scale, but that doesn’t mean that everyone has access to that meat. There are still a good number of rural areas, without supermarkets or even farms (or at least not necessarily livestock farms).

      I also fail to see how banning firearms or a gun rights amendment will stop hate crimes. It might make them harder to commit with guns, but someone intent on and committed to getting a gun, whether to commit such a crime or any other reason, will still be able to do so illegally if they know what they are doing and where to go. Hate crimes would also still continue without guns.

      Before you respond, keep in mind that I am only arguing against specific points you made, not your entire perspective. I’m not saying that you wouldn’t keep that in mind anyway, but you know how arguments can easily be derailed especially on the internet, and I’d like to tackle that preemptively.

    4. @zencat999 dude what are you talking about, you get the same universal background check with every purchase.
      the check is five minutes, if you have a two day waiting period it doesnt make the check more effective.

    1. You hold them accountable by keeping their racist name on the forefront and rallying against them and send mail to Washington.

      Vote him out of office ASAP.
      Send him packing.

    2. @Justin Okraski now that’s an idea… isn’t that what the evil Marjorie Taylor Greene did? Turnabout is fair play…hehe

  1. If there is still some doubt as to who these people are. This is who the people are! They attack those that they deem weaker than themselves and play the victim afterward.

    1. every single leftist in America? black people? the Chinese communist party? because you just described them pretty well.

    2. @Celerit Velocit well since your a Chinese communist shill i can understand why you wouldn’t get the reference to the american game character duke nukem. 😂🤣

  2. What a sad moment and don’t let them off the hook. They are persisting and they will become the teachers for change because of their badness.

  3. Um did he say “find all the rope in Texas and get a taller tree.”? Um, the mf’s truly don’t care…I just…wow smdh!

  4. When historians look back on this time, they are going to say that this was the beginning of the end for the USA

    1. And why would it be the beginning of the end of America? Have we not seen this racist hatred towards black Americans many times in the past … and why was that not the “ beginning of the end of America”. The problem is no one care until it affects them and only then they sees it as a problem. This is everyone’s problem and all people who care enough should unite against what’s happening in America…not just when it shows up on their door steps. Take for example voters suppression’s across many states..this is a wake up call. Don’t wait for it to be become your problem before you act.

  5. This is heartbreaking. it feels like so many people in this country are willfully ignorant and in denial about the injustice that plagues this “land of the free”.

    1. @Yunpeng Huang Well, one can argue Racism is a mental health issue; Not saying it doesn’t exist, it’s spread across everything, like dirty little fingerprints. But deep down, I believe, that it’s core is a defect in our mental wiring, that with effort can be overcome, or at least mitigated.

  6. How dare these politicians say that what the murderer says is more important than WHAT HE DID. 🤬

    1. Dee Pattison Someone will do a shooting instead of using rope. Might have happened already.
      So goes American law. At least for the rich and powerful.

  7. “purchased the gun on the day of the incident” That’s a perfect argument for mandatory waiting periods for the purchase of a firearm.

    1. @Looneyyy Tuneees it could be that the White guy has a record in the system and easily ready. As for your uncle, it might be that he got no records on hand and so they have to evaluate everything from class to mental evaluation. Each state is different.

      It’s like getting a driver license. There is a written test and then a driving test. Each process take time. Once you pass those 2, then a picture at the DMV. They give you temporary license. Then a week or 2 weeks later, a genuine license.

    2. @tr1bes yeah but he had everything thing he needed every thing was approved but he still had to wait three weeks but when they said the gun was ready he decided not to get it because he didn’t like how the whole situation went about and he thought it was weird

    3. @Looneyyy Tuneees Where did this take place? State and County would be most helpful. Thank you in advance.

  8. As a black person I want to ask America something: so do u think we still live in a post racial society? Enjoy yall day 🤣

    1. @François St. John well said brother very well said facts all facts btw RIP to all victims of domestic terrorism

    2. @François St. John I’ve watched plenty of videos about Asian hate crimes over the past couple of weeks and there are an overwhelming amount of comments from Black people laughing and saying how Asians deserve it. I think you chose not to read those comments.

    3. @cdhall124 that’s horrible and shouldn’t happen. But don’t you think a lot of that comes from the fact that many Asians are racists towards black people? You know when Asians first came and were discriminated against initially civil rights movement marched with them to help them gain recognition right? How was that reciprocated? So when you see black people acting out in that way ( although it is a negative way to output their emotions ) understand it is due to the backstabbing that occured. After Asians gained their rights they abandoned black people and went on to be racist themselves. When I made the comment about people commenting negatively I specifically meant white people who comment and say such things. I don’t see that happening here and that’s a good thing. You can’t even respond to the rest of my comment explaining the racist behaviour at large in the Asian community so you knit pick one point, ok cool.

    4. @Matt Russillo Matt I appreciate ur honesty and open mind. This country tries to make us believe in a false reality that they want us to believe to be true. U don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see the divide in society. We see it in music movies; TV shows, real life situations like the interactions with law enforcement etc

  9. He isn’t ignorant he knew EXACTLY what he said about the “rope n tree” and he MENT it. He is however, stupid and racist.

    1. @Heather Hansen lmfao having biracial grandchildren doesn’t mean someone isn’t racist. There is a video of a mom pushing her biracial baby in a stroller calling a barista the Nword for not serving her without a mask. Not saying your mom’s racist…just saying having biracial family means nothing in her defense

  10. “They don’t value people who arent white!” – Wrong or right THIS TRUTH is why all ethnic races lump together fairly/unfairly whites as hating everyone else.

  11. I’m a Black man and I have Chinese friends who I love it’s sad America will never admit it’s Racism and the harm it’s done and still is doing we all seen the attitudes of the so called Leaders of this Nation , and if that would have been any other Race at the Capitol we all know what would have took place !

    1. @lisa Most Asians do. Asians in general are not a people full of hate…against anyone. The same can’t be said about America, where they have no problem at all just constantly hating and killing.

    2. @Robert Ramirez When you go to any Asian country as a black person, you will probably receive stares and maybe some uneasiness. Why? They are homogenous countries and rarely see black people. However, the difference is that you won’t be shot to death or beaten by the police.

    3. @Robert Ramirez Best comment i read besides my own.
      You noticed the same media (left, far-left, Democratic) who are pushing this false, rhetorical narrative BS about Asian hate never even bother to expose Asian countries for their blatant racism against blacks like China and the Korean countries

    4. @415 Fo life Most Asian parents doesn’t even approve of their kid’s relationship with anyone black.
      They much prefer to see them with either white or their own

    1. You would have found him in the South in the backwoods watching the lynchings with a smile on his face. Perhaps he would have been the Grand Master of the KKK.

  12. “You get rope and a tree and get the bad guys. The Chinese, they’re the bad guys”

    Literally saying lynch Chinese people

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