Nova Scotia announces provincewide shutdown, premier warns that the 'variants are winning' 1

Nova Scotia announces provincewide shutdown, premier warns that the ‘variants are winning’


N.S. Premier Iain Rankin announced a provincewide shutdown that will last for at least two weeks as COVID-19 cases continue to rise.


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    1. @Yuna No worries snow flake ; ) Maybe someday you’ll be strong enough to handle a 2 week lockdown. You keep on travelin’

    2. @Jonathan Williams we are on about round 30 of the 2 week lockdown…. oh unless ive gone back in time and we’re in March 2020

    1. I’ll wager at LEAST another 5 in the next year… back in February, the National did a podcast about School based mandates… School warden very casually mentioned about 1/2 through the 45min Ling podcast, that the School boards/schools were ALREADY working on the mandates for NEXT Year (2022).

  1. pcr test are used at what cycle to determine a positive case ? Important info as its common information that they are not accurate.

    1. @LiveFreeOrDie wow. I remember watching an interview with the guy who invented it and he straight out said it wasn’t designed to used this way.

    2. What are EPT’s?

      If you’re going to speak on this issue you REALLY should have at least the basic understanding of what is required to run tests in Canada.

    3. @Sarah Lunafire Describe what is required to be able to report a test in Canada. Please define what EPT’s are and how you would have never made your statement if you were more educated on the matter.

    4. @Pokarot epts in regards to what? You act as if the medical field is the only one to own that acronym. If your trying to make a point, then make it. I mean, in some circles that could mean the European Poker Tour.. make your point.

  2. Sounds like what we’re going through here in Ontario. But hey, only 2 more lockdowns until Christmas!

  3. When they say circuit breaker what I imagine is a bunch kids standing around a wall outlet with a fork.

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